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SS. 1294.Jithin - jisha raj


SPEAKERS nurse (75%), INTERLOCUTOR (25%) NJ nurse jithin 0:00 Good evening IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:01 MarinaNJ nurse jithin 0:04 Please be seated and feel free I'm giving I'm one of the staff nurses working in this dental practice hospital. Yes now How may I help you?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:16 Yeah No it's actually my son has just put his hand through a rusty nail by playing at the local path. Could you please examine the wound nose?NJ nurse jithin 0:28 Okay, I'm so sorry to hear you that your son got an injury and for our better conversation, man.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:35 Yeah, you can call me Emily.NJ nurse jithin 0:40 Okay, Emily, can you give me some sort of in detail information regarding what happened? It happens aboutIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:51 25 minutes before when he picked up a plank of wood to play and I removed his hand from that nails. That's what that's happened.NJ nurse jithin 1:03 Okay, any remedies you take from there?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 1:07 Actually no no'sNJ nurse jithin 1:10 Okay, for my better understanding may examine your child.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 1:16 Yeah, sure enough.NJ nurse jithin 1:21 Okay, from our conversation and the examiner can find that it's not a big boned it's a small light cone and says one nail is removed from your cells and nothing is to worry. For my better understanding Would you mind telling us about your child's immunization status?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 1:44 Yeah, sure enough actually I forgot to bring him for his childhood vaccination now.NJ nurse jithin 1:51 Okay, that's okay. Okay. Thanks for the given information for your better understanding I would like to give you some sort of information regarding what we like to hear after Okay. I will clean the bone thoroughly and I will test one with the antiseptic solutions and I will give you some sort of painkillers after that I need to give him TT TT injection. Okay, do you understandIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:21 yes no so I can understand thatNJ nurse jithin 2:22 now. You see willing to take the TB injectionIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:28 I actually knows I don't want my son to receive the nurse injection because I think now it's too tres truthful to him but the painterNJ nurse jithin 2:38 okay I totally aware of the situation but the thing is even if you didn't receive the TT injection as a part of childhood vaccinations and about the world it is a little little t bone so there is a chance or noticing some foreign particles inside the bone it may lead to infection of bone as well as your child's condition may deteriorate okay but I'm getting my points yes noIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 3:13 so I can understand that noNJ nurse jithin 3:17 okay. So kindly let your child willing to take the VB injectionIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 3:28 conditionalsNJ nurse jithin 3:32 Yeah, there is a certain side effects are there after taking the condition sometimes the feeling pain of pain occurs on the site of injection and tiredness might nausea and headache these are the might vary the effect but there is less tend to occur these kinds of complications after the injection okay are you following me?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 3:58 Yes No. So I can understand that now.NJ nurse jithin 4:02 Okay once the once the injection scape there there are certain risk factors like seizures muscle stiffness, lump Joe and difficulty eating disorder are the main complications on the injection scheme. Okay, so please, please let you're ready for the injection and I will do the arrangements to make the injection.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 4:29 Okay. Okay. Oh, goodness.NJ nurse jithin 4:34 I hope I clear out your concerns.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 4:37 Yes. No. doubts, no worries. I'm really happy now. No, I'm I then you can have the injection to my son knows. It's very nice. Thanks. Thank you. Good thing. I should clarify all my doubts and worries. Thank you.


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