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SS. 1285.Vinitha Reji - jisha raj


SPEAKERS NURSE (71%), INTERLOCUTOR (29%) NV NURSE VINITHA REJI 0:00 Good afternoonIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:02 Good afternoon gentlemen. YeahNV NURSE VINITHA REJI 0:10 okay please come in and have a seat.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:15 Thank you enoughNV NURSE VINITHA REJI 0:18 company addressIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:18 you can call me EmilyNV NURSE VINITHA REJI 0:24 Emily I know that because you mentioned Can you please explain to me to getIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:37 outside it My son has just put in front of the nail by playing at the local partner worried and anxious about my presenter and then his his person conditioner Could you please examine the witness?NV NURSE VINITHA REJI 0:55 stand with youIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:59 he is with me also always you know his name is brown four years old now. 48 or 44?NV NURSE VINITHA REJI 1:13 Okay Miss analytics Don't worry. I am here to help you. I would like to ask what happened to meIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 1:30 Yeah, sure nurse I will tell you it happens about 25 minutes before now when he picked up a plan to play and I removed his hand from the nail No, that's happenedNV NURSE VINITHA REJI 1:44 so understand that don't worry. Watching I want you to give me a hand we do thisIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:02 yes, no, it's okay. No.NV NURSE VINITHA REJI 2:05 Okay, thank you four year old people seemIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:14 to be actually I forgot to bring him home to tell due to internationalNV NURSE VINITHA REJI 2:23 situation I would like to suggest you to delete or add 3d attention at this moment. Because you mentioned things that happened near from the last email we can cancel inspection is ready to take an induction onIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:55 a one by 10 to receive the induction because I know it's a four to one him No.NV NURSE VINITHA REJI 3:04 You can understand please don't My feeling is quite natural. And the reason I am here to help you please let me reassure you that please don't worry, which we will do for you in this type of situation. We have we have to protect their life and to protect to avoid any information security very important. Induction to opia so please and cannot proceed thatIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 3:39 Yeah. That was after this conditional.NV NURSE VINITHA REJI 3:45 Because of my commitment to making a difference which is normal. It is manageable, we can provide the controller to compare to stimulation or tablet or an implantable please don't buy I need to be patient to us. Otherwise if you can do some medical situation medical condition will be fake or no athlete and now I'm actually teaching breathing difficulty all these happen if we are if we are not giving catalyst to child therapy, teenage injury or something very important you are treated nothing different at this moment. Yes, no.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 4:40 So I can understand that. Then you can have the injection to my sonNV NURSE VINITHA REJI 4:48 in the time before much and the kind of your enemy and appreciate your decision to give instruction to communicate back to you.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 4:59 NowNV NURSE VINITHA REJI 5:03 I need to be done. Okay?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 5:04 Okay, sure enough time enough time for this .


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