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SS. 1224. Josmine jose - Mounika Gundeti


SPEAKERS NURSE (87%), INTERLOCUTER (13%) NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 0:01 Good afternoon.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:02 Good afternoon. Nice Thank you.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 0:07 I'm just one of the registered nurses working in this general practitioner practice. Government of Malaysia Could you please tell your name?IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:17 Yes, my name is Monika, I'm writing years oldNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 0:22 Okay, I think you just had your blood test and you came here to see the result Am i right? So, I wanted to tell you that actually your blood result is already out and in that it is mentioning that her hemoglobin level is slightly low, which is eight gram per liter actually the normal ranges 11 to 60 gram per deciliter Okay,IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 0:53 okay nice.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 0:55 indicate that you are suffering from anemia it is a condition when the SP level is low, but don't worry, you know, we are here to help you it is a common condition in this age group and it is easily treatable and it can be reversible Okay.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:11 Okay. Now, what is anemia it is treatableNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 1:16 as of course, it is treatable you know, whenever there is a hemoglobin level is more or less in our body and that indicates the red blood cells is less in our blood. So, that is more specific in that case this anemia condition is occurring Are you withIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:34 me is nice.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 1:37 So, usually some of the dietary modification along with some of the medication, you will you can be returned back from this condition to normalIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:49 okaynessNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 1:51 So, in order to know that one, I wanted to know about your dietary habits is that always quotingIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 1:58 Okay, nice.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 2:00 Could you please tell me regarding your dietary habitsIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:05 I have a busy lifestyle, I do not get time to cook at home and mainly relay and morphin our burger and coffee barNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 2:19 games so not knowing what to drink, but actually you know, it means some more no alterations in your dietary habits along with that you can able to come out of your personal situation. So I need to give some physicians that in your diet you need to be able to use the iron intake Okay, so that means like red meat steak, green leafy vegetables like spinach, some of the iron fortified cereals. With this you can improve your dietary Partain definitely you can come out of your present situationIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 2:57 okay now, but I don't like eating green leafy vegetablesNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 3:03 definitely I can understand that it is a very difficult task that you need to be changed some of the alteration in our dietary habit. But unfortunately, I wanted to tell you that it is very mandatory according to your present situation. So, if you doesn't like the origin and forms of this visitor, but maybe you can try with some of the flavors to try and likeIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 3:33 Okay, now,NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 3:35 the flavors with you like definitely you can tolerate this type of vegetable. Additionally, I wanted to tell you that some of the iron tablet which need to take for your current situation it is mandated that it should be taken after the meal okay because if you will take before the meat there is chance this side of it. So, it is very important you need to take this iron tablet after the meal. Are you with me? It's more than that I can even give a consultation with the dietician. So, you know to definitely help you with the proper dietary advice. So with the following of that one along with the iron medication, I assure you that you can come out of the present situation as early as possibleIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 4:27 okaynessNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 4:29 and I will lead which contains information regarding the anemia here this surname it is mentioned in detail regarding the anemic condition that means what is anemia what is raised and how you can prevent and you can how you can come out of this situation all these measures okay. One if you have any concerns you can contact me I'mIM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 4:59 okay nurse Thank you so much for your supporting.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 5:03 So, along with this dietary modification and mitigation, he will become out of this situation and I can give you after four weeks appointment for another blood test. Please try to do that one so that we can monitor your improvement.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 5:20 Okay, nice. Thank you.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 5:23 Okay, thank you for accepting I wish a speedy recovery. Have a nice day.IM INTERLOCUTER MOUNIKA GUNDETI 5:27 Okay, nice. Thank you. Bye.


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