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SPEAKERS NURSE (63%), INTERLOCUTOR (37%) IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:00 Okay maybe you can start offNJ NURSE JINCY 0:04 Good morning I made him have me help youIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:10 Yeah Good morning eater and I'm very much exhausted and also diversity right now from ramus tire alsopay me DK what a surpriseNJ NURSE JINCY 0:31 yes you know I was at work and I was suddenly experiencing what to say my head was going light and my eyes were rolling and my vision got blurred suddenly i Good collapsed and they woke up here also my friends took me here and he told me about what happened to me Yes, yes, yes please.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 1:18 And from your from your disturbing symptoms i i suspect to you on the shisha at the work and any past history of epilepsy No. And you have any other accidents or head injury isn't he?NJ NURSE JINCY 1:45 Yeah, yeah, I know number it's been four months ago I just have both accident and was injured and I was hospitalized and was treatedIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:03 okayNJ NURSE JINCY 2:06 this may be the IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:07 one of the reason y'all have called this show. But we cannot confirm this with this. But there is some other treatment or diagnostic measures we can follow according to the doctor's consultation. Is it okay for you?Yeah, it's okay for me but you know you know, I'm only 32 years old and I'm not that old. I just want to spend my life with my family and my children so I have to look after them. So it's a kind of weird feeling that is haunting me after this incident that something still happening to me and I'm going to die like that base. I can understand your concern and I can understand completely but it will be overwhelming for yoNJ NURSE JINCY 3:09 common disorder nowadays all the papers are coming across it is a small damage to the brain actually mentioned that you had an accident it will be the one of the cause for this and we can record a request for the diagnostic measure like EEG will be very It shows what is the exact reason and whether you have the future in the future. There are many options you can follow for that is maybe in the time being one you can take the medication and after bellaterra It will be resolved and in some cases it will be a permanent also that treatment okayif you don't mind yeah, don't mind Can you Can I ask you for a favor? Yes. Okay. Please could you please arrange me an appointment with some neurologist like, so that I can I can say discuss my disease condition themsure Mr. Bader, I will arrange your appointment and I will send youIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 4:27 a contact form inform you after taking an appointment with the doctor neurologist.NJ NURSE JINCY 4:34 Yeah, it's okay for me Anything we will be here to help you anything if you have any doubts regarding this IBG which we'll explain in more detail so that you will not be cared for anxious or worried.Very much okay for meThank you, Mr. People for coming in. And we will meet you soon. With the other appointment adopting youcan make it fast and thank you. Thank you for your kindness and your grace.Thank you Mr. Speaker. Thank you very much.


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