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SPEAKERS NURSE (56%), INTERLOCUTOR (44%) NJ NURSE JINCY 0:03 Good morning.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:04 Good morning.NJ NURSE JINCY 0:05 My name is Sarah. I am one of the registered nurse working in gastroenterology clinicyou IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:14 can call me Mrs Margarita Margarita. You have some cleaning thatyes, I have recently underwent colonoscopy from this clinic last weekNJ NURSE JINCY 0:32 I believe that you have been diagnosed with some irritable bowel syndrome. So you needed some information about a condition thatI can understand irritable bowel. So don't worry about that I definitely I will explain you in detail before proceeding. I would like to ask some symptoms regarding symptoms I can Could you tell me what happened with your bone?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 1:05 Yeah, you know if that's it, whenever I take some kind of food it will actually suddenly it will irritate my bowel starts to cramp the intense pain will occur and also flatulence and bloating will accompany and it will eventually result in diarrhea or constipation that is too irritating for me and disturbingIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 1:32 okay I can understand your condition it is very difficult to to adjust for that. So how long you have been experienced this problem thenNJ NURSE JINCY 1:45 notice in this sense three weeks you know whenever I take the spicy foods, potatoes and sausage also some milk products and milk even even if in these days even if I take water also my stomach gets irritated and these symptoms occurokay so yeah I'm for my buddy what information I got found someIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:14 Bowie clamps and us Do tell me our pain scale we're getting better at saying you can say their pain scale zero means no pain 10 minutes it assessment we are payingYeah, it's between six I think six and sevenokayNJ NURSE JINCY 2:35 okay. I can understand notice any creature in that condition anything happened defend the condition IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:41 Ah yeah, I was able to tell you that I have this strange thing that that you and I have recently been hired where a company as a company process enter into a long long duration from 9am to 7:30pm. And it does there is a lot of stress situations there to go through. So, whenever I go through these stressful situations, suddenly initiator triggers my abdominal irritation from start to cramp and eventually leads to diarrheaokay,NJ NURSE JINCY 3:19 I can understand your condition and your joining new job you get the most stress it is the one of the reason also increased stress symptom just as I just told this about the irritable because bolus most sensitivity most intuitive thing that the tactic is they just posed a problem like a spasm and the clams sometimes it is a constipation and diarrhea. It is maybe have both will happen. Salsa it is one of the reasons forIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 3:54 that and thenNJ NURSE JINCY 3:58 there are a lot of medication available that relieve your symptoms we will consult our doctor for and consult our doctor for medications and if you don't mind when I can add a few more questionable liver disease condition. Yes please. Do you follow any dietary pattern?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 4:20 Yeah, my dietary pattern watch this morning I will be eating some bread with all black and pink or bacon like that way. For lunch I will be in some rice and the side dishes and things probably will be a non veg item and evening I will be eating the mashed potatoes and some beans with gravy.NJ NURSE JINCY 4:48 Okay, okay. Okay and then I prefer an answer to say important that Bali irritable syndrome, it is possible to avoid ifI by diet and gas producing Make the food to avoid for that I will provide a full details of leaflets leaflets for you. It will improve your dietary patterns, it is also important first thing, so triggering facts about irritable symptoms able to follow that.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 5:19 Yeah, I'll be able to follow that.NJ NURSE JINCY 5:23 One more thing I want to ask any yoga, any medication or anything?No, no actually.NJ NURSE JINCY 5:33 Okay. So if you're tied to any symbol yoga and the medication meditation and it is my my suggestion, because you get the new job, you get the most stressful and there that cancers posed by some irritable bowel and if you do small small exercise and the medication it does reduce the stress level and integration answer in reduced diverse symptoms that is able to follow that.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 6:00 Yes, there was before that,NJ NURSE JINCY 6:03 do you have any other concerns?No, but yes, IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 6:09 regarding the medications, the doctor have been given the medications, including some lactate lottery to use then to some some medication to prevent diarrhea and also some analogies. So do we have to take it in a regular basis or I should take it in when the symptoms of course onlyOh, NJ NURSE JINCY 6:34 they are actually they are prescribed medication, it isIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 6:38 not much. cause side effects can be irritable, you can take you can take it is a short term period. So doctors prescribe according to on the time if you're taking the proper medication and the dietary pattern and aNJ NURSE JINCY 6:54 small exercise designed also to help you or reduce your symptoms. So I assured that you will feel or follow the dietary and the medication and small exercise and all and if you're doing morning breakfast on the on the time of lunch, and we're following dinner and that powerful time if you're taking that simple selfie reduced, you can use Curtis's conditioner also include that on the table to follow that.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 7:25 Yeah, I'll be I'm sure we'll be following thatNJ NURSE JINCY 7:30 key there anymore. I want to clear thaIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 7:33 .No, no, actually, I'm satisfied with your base right now.NJ NURSE JINCY 7:38 Thank you for listening. If you want any concern, please conduct that I've given my number. So anytime you can conduct product. Thank you for listeningIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 7:47 .Yeah, thank you. Thank you very much for nerds for your kinda very for your service.NJ NURSE JINCY 7:54 He recovers soon. I wish you a question. Thank you for that.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 7:58 Thank you very much.NJ NURSE JINCY 7:59 Okay, thank you.


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