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SPEAKERS NURSE (58%), INTERLOCUTOR (42%) NJ NURSE JINCY 0:00 No, you can start with Hello. Good morning. IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:06 Good morning.NJ NURSE JINCY 0:09 My name is Lila I'm one of the registered nurses working in this working for the visit visiting for this school. Could you tell me your name for my confirmation?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:22 Yes. I'm Richard Gibson. You can call me reach outNJ NURSE JINCY 0:28 to chat. Okay. Okay,IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:29 Richard, how can I help you?NJ NURSE JINCY 0:32 Yeah, my teacher teacher recently said me that I'm putting on my weight and I, I need, IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 0:41 I really need to consult a nurse for managing this condition. So how to see how come to see you know?Okay. Okay, Richard, Which class are you studying? Right now?Ninth grade students.NJ NURSE JINCY 1:00 Okay, don't worry. And Shall I check your weight and height?Yes, please.Okay. Okay, chair, don't worry. But a you your height is not approved appropriate for your weight. That means you are overweight for your age. Again, make clear toYes. Is there a Is there a problem with that?Now it's not right now. You don't have any problem. But I have to ask for a few more person to get more information from you. Is that okay? For you?Yes, please.Okay, could you tell me are you doing any exercise? Or what kind of food are you taking daily? Could you tell me regarding that little bit more explanation? Yeah,actually, I'm a person who just like to be alone always. So I'm just a kind of introvert person. So IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:03 I just don't like being mingling with other persons I just don't like making friends also. So basically, I'm not not engaged in any physical activity like these outdoor or indoor gaming like that which I will just spend my time only by playing some video games on also reading and coming to my dietary pattern. Yeah, my father and mother is a work both a working person so they will not be home from morning to evening. Okay. So they will Yeah, so the there will be no availability or homely food day we'll just put some load some food in the refrigerator so that I can heat it up using the microwave oven whenever I need so it will be comfortable for me and so handy, so I will just pick one and heat it up then feeling like eating that salt is my dietary habit.NJ NURSE JINCY 3:06 Okay, what type of food are you like more?I'm really into these non veg items. Also these cheesy things, then someone suggests Abby can stick like that ways.Okay, do you like any of the physical activity or game Sosa outdoor games? Are you like like anything?No, no, no, I I just don't like doing any physical activities. I just need to I just need to be alone always. And also I just love to live a sedentary life.Actually, reading is also a good habit, but in your condition, you have to do some of the lifestyle modification. shall explain that.Yes, please, I hardly want you to reduce my body weight because it really frustrates and irritates me because of my body seizure. And alsoIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 4:04 I recently I have noticed that I am feeling very much tired. And also he can't concentrate in the class sessions and my studies also.NJ NURSE JINCY 4:13 So I really I really want to reduce my weight. So could you please help me in doing that? Okay, don't worry. Don't worry, I will help you out for that. And one of the things you have to reduce from your diet and you have to do some of the activities like whichever games you like, like outdoor games, you have to participate more in the school level also you have the sports activity. So you have to do that kind of activities as much as possible. Am I clear to you?Yes, nurse, but I don't think so. I can do these things because you know, whenever I try to do some physical activity, even if it is a mild act If you do I will be very much exhausted very much exhausted and I will be I will What to say my I will be out of breath that is I think it's majorly related to my obese stature I think so I'm not sure how to how to what extent I can be able to do thatIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 5:27 okay Richard I can understand your concern but in every every decision when the starting time we get difficulties when we are doing that day to day life they will be okay but with our body and you can do easily with a you can easily adjust with that so that you have one not one of the thing you have to avoid gem fold as much as possible and try to eat green leafy vegetables or more vegetable salads in your diet. Yeah,NJ NURSE JINCY 5:58 yes. Yes, yes, no as I'm getting you but you know, I wish I could do I could do that. But you know, I really I really don't believe I can do that because you know, I don't like these veggie crabs and these fruity things I just don't like this mail order and their characteristic flavor. So I don't know. Also, you know, it will be a difficult task to abstain from these food items that I really like suddenly so is there any possibility for me to reduce the amount I take eventually likeIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 6:46 you can reduce eventually along with you have to add fruits and vegetables in your diet I make clear to youNJ NURSE JINCY 6:54 yes, you're clear but I'm not sure how to what extent I can do that but I will definitely try try because you know I just want to get out of this date. I want I just want to live a normal life you're so what I needIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 7:10 you can get them on my life.NJ NURSE JINCY 7:12 What they need is your support you just have to support me it will help me it would help me a lot to you know use my weight.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 7:24 I will guide you properly regarding this always i If you want any help you can contact me and one more thing I have to say you today today onwards you have to make a chart on your own your bedroom. Okay. And then your weekly, weekly way to have to record in that next month when I am coming for the visit. You have to come and meet me with that Chuck, is that clear to you? Then we can understand the progress of your condition?NJ NURSE JINCY 7:55 Yes, I will definitely try to do that.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 7:59 Okay, if you're following these measures, you can definitely reduce your weight and you can get an active life and in future also you can be healthy always make clear Jia.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 8:12 Okay. Yeah, okay. IIJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 8:15 will check if you have any other concern.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 8:19 No, no, actually, by the you just have to help me to help me. I just want your support and your you know, I will I just want to back strength. I will definitely try to do that. Thank you, nurse. Thank you very much for your kindness and support and this is what I need right now.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 8:39 Okay, I'll support you always. You can contact me anytime Turnberry or Kinsta chat or chat.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 8:44 Yeah, okay. Okay.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 8:46 Okay, thank you. Thank you verymuch.


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