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SS. 1068. Babitha Babu-ashwini sumathi


SPEAKERS NURSE (72%), INTERLOCUTOR (28%) IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:04 Good evening knowsNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 0:07 my name is I am bartending. Okay. You are looking so anxious and worried. Everything behindIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:16 Yeah, actually knows I'm 55 years old, I have a stage of brain of disease. And my health is a steady denominating because of renal Ward, I feel lonely and distrust. I'm little worried about my conditionersNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 0:35 or condition and perfectly understand each person situation I can understand. The hospitalisation is made it difficult for the patient. And also you are going through any typical situation, but don't worry, you are visitor indicator the condition is very, very comfortable for you until now your condition is very stable so don't worry about your situation. Are you getting my point? Yeah, sure. Alright, and you're more than that. I was like a morning person situation you aren't taking a poll?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:26 Yeah, you're right. Do you have any idea regarding Yeah, actually knows. I feel this is the last stage of my life and I hate having this diagnosis and I feel that donor will never found in line Dawn Marie, Marie Jo, then as the educatorNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 1:51 renal disease hmm IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:54 suggestion for but don't worry being visual visual about your situation and we hope before it is to go with the NB NURSE BABITHA BABU 2:04 dialysis procedure we were conditioned is very stable until now. And already you are listed for a procedure and I originally with that you are the highest priority for us. So before we will get a proper order for yourIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 2:22 Yeah, sure.NB NURSE BABITHA BABU 2:26 In my social life, I have seen a lot of condition like that. And I went through a lot of difficult situations in the patients with pain but they're often diagnosis without the proper IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 2:40 treatment plan they are they're going through a very normal lifeyeah, sure.NB NURSE BABITHA BABU 2:50 I mean, it's a situation and I say conditioning, but you are very important that you try to continue that adding produce this content and their contribution also is really important because through the dialysis all the way from your blood, remoter so this is very important otherwise if you are not doing the proper needs an email for permission yeah sure. So, doyeah sure enough.Do you have any other conceptsIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:37 Yeah, I have one concern if anything happen I want to able with do die with the dignity with my family person and also I have a demand to nominated us enough. If if we I have a guarded costNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 3:57 Joan, I can audition anywhere and although you are on sale at the hospital setting but I can understand that you are going through a very difficult situation so for that if you wouldn't mind a candidate candidate solution. Counsellor you can disable all your problems after that you can get there properly efficient. Is that working forIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:25 you? Yeah, sure.NB NURSE BABITHA BABU 4:28 Okay. And also in your family presents also important with your request.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:37 Yeah, sure placeNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 4:41 arrays that allow you or your team but this is very important to continue the current medications and analysis on the right time this will help you correct. These and normalise and all be hope about the webinar. transplant surely with proper proper donor for your clinician at the right time. I hope I cleared all out. Do you have any other things youIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 5:10 know now so you have clear my old concernsNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 5:17 telling me and I hope Hi David oriola Is anything you can call this weather I will be there for a speedy recovery.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 5:30 Okay, thank you.


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