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SS.1057. Sushma Rani -Ashwini Sumathi


SPEAKERS Nurse (83%), INTERLOCUTOR (17%) IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:00 Good evening knowsNS Nurse sushma rani 0:02 I'm working as a community health nurse here. And as a part of my home with it, I am I am here. How can I address humour? Yeah, youIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:13 can call me, Alan.NS Nurse sushma rani 0:17 How are you feeling NolanIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:18 actually knows I'm not wellness because I have a end stage of renal disease. My health is steadily nominating because of the renal reward I feel lonely and it dispersed nurse. And I'm little worried about my health conditions.NS Nurse sushma rani 0:37 I can understand being in stage renal disease, you're having many doors inquiries regarding your health condition. And I think you're very depressed regarding that. But don't worry, we are here you are in the safe hands with the Well, well, manageable doctors and staff here. And you're taking you're undergoing dialysis, right.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:07 Yeah, right.NS Nurse sushma rani 1:10 Okay, but don't worry, I am, we will help you out. And I think you're searching for a donor also. Is this correct?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:22 Yeah, you're right.NS Nurse sushma rani 1:25 And behalf of our hospitals, I'd also be searching a donor for you and required whatever whatever we can do right like searching and pumpless and everything we are searching for you right? Which will be helping out I'm working here from since eight years in this renal dialysis unit we will definitely find you one of the donor and which will be help you out very soon donor will be different definitely we will we could find one of the donor for you. And meanwhile you have to be very conscious, very conscious and please don't be that must be pressed, you have to be gained you have to be brave enough and be strong then only we can get out of this whole issue issues.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 2:27 Okay, burners, really hate having this die dialysis and I feel that a donor will never found in light and also I have a one concern if anything happened, I want to able to die with dignity dignity with my family both.NS Nurse sushma rani 2:46 Okay, I am alright, I will respect your thought or what you're saying. We will we will definitely help you out. But before going to before proceeding further did you have meet any counsellor regardlessIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:06 no nurseNS Nurse sushma rani 3:09 it is better we are having one of the best counsellors in the hospital you can talk to them and take a corrective decision which will be helping you out I will arrange the discussion I will arrange a meeting for you and the council is that okay for you?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:24 Yeah, yes.NS Nurse sushma rani 3:26 And one more thing and for the whatever you have said that you want to be respect and dignity that and we I am I will always respect your thought that water you have had now but before proceeding also we have to ask for the hospital policy you have to give the signature written consent should be taken forward from you and one of your family member also. If you are okay with that, we will go further. And before going to take this session also please meet the counsellor and take the take the valuable traditions from them and discuss with you and your family members and come to one opinion.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:15 Okay, so you Yes, yeah.NS Nurse sushma rani 4:18 Okay, then I will arrange the counsellor for counsellor meeting for you. And please don't worry, we will definitely find it. Trust me he will definitely find a donor for you. And do you may you be will be able to lead your life happily. And before that, please be regular to your dialysis at least three times per week. Because you know, in Anastasia dialysis was the only way to survive. I think you are aware of it.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:51 Okay, Sean asked Dan. You know, Dan, you're valuable concern.NS Nurse sushma rani 4:56 Okay, please don't be depressed we will arrange Very shortly I will arrange a holster for you please discuss with them and come to your board then we will take NFR concern from you and we will provide you the whatever needs and concerns what your you're having. Okay, it's okay.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 5:17 Yes Your nurse. Thank you.NS Nurse sushma rani 5:19 Anything else you want to ask me lolIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 5:21 Nunez. You have clear my all concern.NS Nurse sushma rani 5:25 Okay, thank you so much for your valuable information and patience for listening. Hope was speedy recovery.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 5:33 Okay, thank yoU.


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