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SS.1046. jincy-vidhya


Rematching speakers... SPEAKERS vidhya (56%), NURSE (44%) NJ NURSE JINCY 0:00 Okay, we do you may start now.V vidhya 0:01 OkayNJ NURSE JINCY 0:04 Good evening. Where am I? I don't know this place who brought me here? Where's my daughter? I will see her.V vidhya 0:14 Okay Nothing to worry have we are here to help you I will explain to you before that. Could you remember your name? No. Okay. Please try to remember your name please. My name though DORIS I think yes. Your name is Doris. Okay, now now you're in the recovery room because you underwent the eight replacement surgeryNJ NURSE JINCY 0:50 I just want to see my daughter so much worried about me. Please please please let me let me see my doctor please.V vidhya 0:58 Of course definitely I will make the necessary arrangements to meet your doctor before that just I need to explain to you You are the recovery room and this place we are not allowed to your daughterNJ NURSE JINCY 1:16 but why why this Why didn't you allow my daughterV vidhya 1:20 Yeah, I will say to you based on my our Oracle policy the visitors is not allowed to enter into this recovery room. But I am sure that you can see your daughter after 15 to 30 minutes in the Porta Potty walk I hope you areNJ NURSE JINCY 1:40 so if you if you can't let me let my daughter image please just inform her that I'm okay here and I'm doing fine and I will be seeing her shortly and also say hello no to cry okayV vidhya 1:54 definitely my service I will inform to your daughter already on the south informativa daughter Nora to wait in the postoperative room so again I will inform you that now you are okay weather conditions are stable if you try to relax yourselfNJ NURSE JINCY 2:15 Realigning text with audio yeah I'm having my loyalty so dry Do you just give me some water to drink or a cup of tea? Well my surgeries I'm really devastated to answering this question because that's now only you know surgery was completed now we were I say totally healed here. You're now you are in the recovery room. During this time, we are not allowed to give any fluids by your mouth. But through this intravenous infusion you can get the normal saline and other and you flow in and out. Okay, suppose if I give you anything by your mouth, even a chance to get activation and he may face nausea and vomiting due to at the anaesthetic efforts. There's a reason I suggest to you now give me any please by mouth. Okay,V vidhya 3:14 I have another query will you be able to carry with me you'll be able to kill me that I'm having anotherNJ NURSE JINCY 3:22 query. Yeah, so definitelyV vidhya 3:26 need to get recovered and go back home.V vidhya 3:31 Okay, they saw your surgery it will take two four to five days according to the condition. Okay, but after 30 minutes, you can afford to the 30 Watts then Doctor will come or the doctor will come with the FSU shortly. Okay. Yes. After that only my doctor will decide when you send able to teach us.V vidhya 3:56 Okay. Thank you for your kind words. Okay,NJ NURSE JINCY 4:02 thank you. I am here wondering if you have any doubt you can get the color better? Come on heavier.V vidhya 4:10 I surely I surely do that now. For USRPV vidhya 4:17 Thank you.V vidhya 4:18 Thank you very much.


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