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SS.1045.Arul mary -jessica


SPEAKERS NURSE (73%), INTERLOCUTER (27%) NA NURSE ARUL MARY 0:00 good morning good afternoonIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 0:02 Good afternoon knowsNA NURSE ARUL MARY 0:05 I'm a Romanian journalist reporting in this hospital I will be attending today I got a call from a room telling me you look very angryIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 0:20 yeah no so I rang the buzzer 30 minutes ago but no one has come to see I feel alone and depression and the answer the pain making me uncomfortable you know this is the first time I have been hospitalized my You are so late I went to file a complaint regarding this noseNA NURSE ARUL MARY 0:40 Jessica I'm really apologize for the inconvenience you have faced I would like to explain the reason behind that so can I explain the reasonIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 0:51 Yes. You can explain nowNA NURSE ARUL MARY 0:55 actually you know I was attending on critically ill patients and next to you the patient is typical situation so I was with the patient or nurses or doctors because now the reason we couldn't attend on the same time anymoreIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 1:22 okayokay, okay now I actually I can't wait any more nurse please give me some medication knows by yourselfNA NURSE ARUL MARY 1:32 I understand that you are in severe pain because recently if I were underwent fracture in the leg that is the reason you are having pain. So could you tell me ma'am how much you will give the score in the pain score in the one to 10 Could you tell me the pain levelIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 1:48 yes when is my pain score is I think abona knows so I'm on the pain killer even after taking the painkillers I have no shortage of pay knowsNA NURSE ARUL MARY 2:00 that he was in the severe pain and also in the early morning we like even the doctor is so it seems that it isn't working for me I will call to the doctor and I like to inform tech relating from Tim about your condition so he may increase the dosage and he may change the tablet so on definitely I willIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 2:26 yeah it's nice to hear knowsNA NURSE ARUL MARY 2:30 something to discuss with meIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 2:32 ya know so how did I leave lead paint fastenersNA NURSE ARUL MARY 2:38 depending on your health condition and how you're taking care of issues or depending on your assignment definitely if you have proper rest and adequate nutrition definitely you will get to within a couple of weeks months.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 2:52 Okay okay nowNA NURSE ARUL MARY 2:55 then I notified that the house sometimes and about your diet is that any sense?IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:01 Yeah, no, actually no, no, should I cancel the physiotherapist or a dietitian?NA NURSE ARUL MARY 3:09 Yeah mine was I told that for the speedy recovery we have to take adequate nutrition along with exercise also it will promote your own healing fracture lives actually right now we have to take articles and so on to heal from definitely we have to go for the physiotherapy further but the movements and activities and also diet I will I will tell the dietitian to meet you so they will do a diet and subdue diet or does it it has to take during this condition so that I will explain we will talk about your diet and also physiotherapist on to fully recover their physical contact you will assess from left to right.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:49 Yeah, it's nice to hear nurseNA NURSE ARUL MARY 3:52 Kaman. So I'm really sorry for them for months and I'm taking my medication and the doctor will come and see you. So Meanwhile, please take research and I will be looking or doctor's advice. Okay.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 4:07 Thank goodness thank you for your wonderful suggestions and advice. I'm totally satisfied with it. Thank you, I am ready to happiness.NA NURSE ARUL MARY 4:16 Thank you for the speedy recovery.


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