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SS.1039. Dhanya Senvin-aswini sumanthi


SPEAKERS NURSE (60%), INTERLOCUTOR (40%) ND NURSE DHANYA SENVIN 0:00 John um, you're attending our repealing todayIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:03 yeah, actually nervous I'm not wellness because you know, I feel this is this is the last stage of my life. I don't want to share my any feelings about me. I hate having this dialysis I feel that a donor will never be found in lie.ND NURSE DHANYA SENVIN 0:27 Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to hear Mr. John, please don't worry. I know you how you're very much stressed and you feel very lonely. I'm very sorry to hear that. We are here to help you and we are here to support you. We can feel like you're home. Please don't worry. If you have any feeling you can share, you can ventilate your feelings. So you feel relaxed. Is that okay? For you?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:53 Yeah, sure.ND NURSE DHANYA SENVIN 0:56 Okay, could you please tell me what is your what what bothering you?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:00 Actually I have hating this dialysisND NURSE DHANYA SENVIN 1:05 or massage on place or I'm sorry to hear that please don't worry, because you have to continue the dialysis as you know already you are having the renal failure and your kidneys are not functioning properly. And we already put your name for the transplantation for the kidney transplantation and we didn't find the donor till now, but we can hope for the best we will find the donor very soon till that time you have to continue the dialysis in order to keep your body healthy. Otherwise your condition will deteriorate please I to understand the situation and try to continue to dialysis. Is that okay? For you?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:50 Yeah, yes No.ND NURSE DHANYA SENVIN 1:53 Okay, please don't leave your home, we already given you a name in the initial list and once we do find your dog $1 You can start the advantage and after that your condition will be better I will carry on I so many Excel I can tell you many examples because many patients are came here with kidney failure and after the transplantation surgery they get they become better and your condition or your condition will be better after the surgery. Okay, please pray for for the best. It already you can follow me Yeah. Do you have any more concern? IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 2:37 No, no, no.Yeah, yes. Yes. I have one constant if anything happened, I want to able to die with my dignity with my family percent.ND NURSE DHANYA SENVIN 2:51 I certainly respect your I certainly respect your your demand. But to contrast the counsellor before that your information you want not for facilitation, right.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:08 Yeah. Okay forND NURSE DHANYA SENVIN 3:11 for your for listing your name in that layer not for visitation. You have to meet the counsellor so, you they will give a proper suggestions regarding that. Do you think you can meet the counsellor? IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:24 Yeah, yes No.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:26 Okay, please don't worry, I will let the nighties our hospital policy before before proceed before you put the signature and for your getting concerned. You have to call you out to discuss with your family it should be happen in the family's wealth and solely so once your family will be rich, we will discuss this matter in presence of the counsellor and the family. So you can get you can view your name in the list, okay? But I enjoy you. Please do not lose your hawk. You can hope for the best. Once you're a donor will be available we can start the surgery till that time you have to continue the style. It will help to improve your hair. Please.I know you're really worried. Please don't. I know that situation. Please. Try to continue the dialogue and do not lose your hope. okay. Okay. Do you have any more concerns?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:30 You have clear my own concerns.ND NURSE DHANYA SENVIN 4:33 Okay. Please take rest and I will share with you the recovery. Thank you.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:42 Thank you. Well, the concern.


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