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SS. 1038. Reena-TIM


SPEAKERS NURSE (72%), INTERLOCUTER (28%) NR NURSE REENA 0:00 afternoon.IT INTERLOCUTER TIM 0:01 Good afternoon.NR NURSE REENA 0:03 My name is Rena, I'm an after registered nurses working in this general practitioner clinic, please come inside and have a seat. Man, I know the reason behind you'reIT INTERLOCUTER TIM 0:18 working as the International Business Manager, actually my company's sending me to Cambodia and Vietnam, as demand for for weakness to ask me to tell that give some advice on recommended vaccination to overseas. That's why I'm hereNR NURSE REENA 0:33 No. Fine, no need to worry. For my documentation. Can I have your name and age?IT INTERLOCUTER TIM 0:42 Yeah, you can call me Tim. I'm 4040 years old enough.NR NURSE REENA 0:47 Okay. In order to get a picture of your presentation, can I ask you some questions? IT INTERLOCUTER TIM 0:53 Soon as you can ask me.NR NURSE REENA 0:56 Is the first time you're traveling abroad.IT INTERLOCUTER TIM 1:00 This is the first time now.NR NURSE REENA 1:04 Fine, have you vaccinated before? Before any? Like? Have you vaccinated any kind of immigration beforeIT INTERLOCUTER TIM 1:15 being totally regular with my flu shots every year? In fact, I got one early this year. But the rush Let me see aha do not accurately remember since I do not have my immunization report, but I do remember that I was vaccinated against tetanus and hepatitis B in my childhood.NR NURSE REENA 1:39 All right, very, as you're traveling to Cambodia and Vietnam, see this other vaccination you have to see and it is a medium risk country. So you have to immunize with this vaccination, can I tell youIT INTERLOCUTER TIM 1:55 sure, as you can.NR NURSE REENA 1:59 And while traveling to these countries like tetanus hepatitis A and the flu vaccine, you have to take this and you have to get vaccinated against the STI for hepatitis A and tetanus as per recommendation by word realisation for travelers to these countries because it is a medium risk country. So you have to activate it against these three diseases, this three vaccines. So, are you here with this team?IT INTERLOCUTER TIM 2:26 Oh no, no sir, do I really get all these me I mean, I have been managing pretty well all these years. The company has having a nice day at a five star resort. So do not see a reason to worry.NR NURSE REENA 2:40 I can understand your contract as a like you're traveling abroad you may have contact with many people, we don't know whether like they are infected with any diseases for for our safety is better to get vaccination against this tree. So, are you clear withIT INTERLOCUTER TIM 3:01 your analysis that so I was always told that they are a city for a lifetime and I have immunity No.NR NURSE REENA 3:13 Fine neck and understood seems to disturb position Try not to worry and I'll tell you some of the measures that you may have contact with many different countries and you may have food from like outside you may have food from portal. So there are chances of getting infection. So to prevent that, like you have to get vaccination against thisIT INTERLOCUTER TIM 3:38 but you know, I hate conditions and it's painful and uncomfortable now.NR NURSE REENA 3:47 Like nowadays we have as a lot of technological medical advancements are improving we do have a lot of technologies available. We have got a painless and painful painless and painful injection. So if you like only slight pain while giving injection and slight irritation, so try not to worry because pain is an expected outcome. Once after giving injection it was only for a few like few minutes. Once after that you will be live and you can travel safely. So are you following me whatIT INTERLOCUTER TIM 4:24 I can understand that knows.NR NURSE REENA 4:27 So you have to get a vaccine for hepatitis A and cry for and once after that once after six months, will give me a booster dose so that it is safety and you can live in from all infectious diseases also. Are you following? Yes. Okay, apart from that, do you have any questions to ask me?IT INTERLOCUTER TIM 4:54 clarify my doubts and worries. I think I will get the vaccinations.NR NURSE REENA 5:00 I hope you are ready to take lacson Yeah. Okay, so that I'll make an arrangement for you to take cracks and it won't be painful. I'm sure that it won't be painful. So I'll give you a detailed brochure. You can just go through that in that detail. immunization status is mentioned in detail. And if you have any doubts, please contact me. Okay.IT INTERLOCUTER TIM 5:25 Wonderful suggestions and advice. I'm totally satisfied with that. Now.


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