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NA NURSE ARUL 0:02 Good evening Richard.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:04 Good enough.NA NURSE ARUL 0:06 Please be seated.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:08 Thank goodnessNA NURSE ARUL 0:10 I'm at a meeting of the registered nurses working in this community health center. I have got some notes with me in our effort for me was vaping to get advice about your lifestyle modification because your blood pressure started to increase in the recent daysIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:31 yeah my current yeah knows.NA NURSE ARUL 0:33 So I don't regret telling in my own words, can you tell me about your concern?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:39 Yeah, sure. So actually, I'm working as a lawyer knows very stressful work like I didn't get any time to maintain my health position. It makes it difficult for me to exercise on a regular basis. I have some bad bad habits knows. I smoke a packet of cigarettes in a day and answer a couple of brings up from my work. I know this isn't good for me, but you know, it helps me to cope with the stress of my work now INA NURSE ARUL 1:10 understand your concern and also the situation of the scoping and agility is Richard so I'd like to say that before proceeding further I would like to ask you some questions Is it okay for you?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:24 Yeah. Oh goodness. Oh goodness me.NA NURSE ARUL 1:28 Okay, how long have you been smoking so it'sIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:31 actually past 15 years I can't do this no. No seriousness in LANA NURSE ARUL 1:45 also you told me that you have smoke everyone drinking habit also? Yeah, no. The same thing how long we have been drinkingIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:55 I've learned this passive Dini as I start thisNA NURSE ARUL 2:00 chemistryIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 2:01 I struggle I actually knows I do not have any time to do smssNA NURSE ARUL 2:08 Okay Mr richer Have you ever thought of ridgetops on this habit?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 2:14 James I thought I would this drinking habit but I can't notice Could you please give me some suggestions to avoid this habitNA NURSE ARUL 2:23 appreciate first of all because you're trying to restore from this fabric there are so many ways to modify our healthy lifestyle pattern to change this habit Sally proceed with thisIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 2:37 issue and as you can proceedNA NURSE ARUL 2:42 thank you for allowing me to explain to you in gentle first of all for smoking it is very difficult task we cannot stop it in the day because since we are told that since 15 years y'all have been smoking we can gradually reduce the quality of the smoking it can reduce the quality of this moment to how much we're taking you can slowly can reduce okay so please try to engage you activities in some work you can dive into a mind to do some other activities like spending time with your family and the yoga medication like that also your strategy definitely no mind started to find that about to bed the pharmacy that is available the coating coating tablet so you will started taking a selfie you will wake up from the cravings of taking smoking and also the same way or drinking habit out so please avoid hanging out with your friends on the weekend parties started taking this initializer definitely they will also help you to reduce their drinking habitsIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:50 yeahNA NURSE ARUL 3:52 this was just sharedIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:54 I will follow thatNA NURSE ARUL 3:57 and I we have this group in our community. So this is a men's group so you can if you like you can participate in the group the monthly there is a lot of people they will share their experience how they come with this problem so that you will get a clear picture and you can try and the same whether or not they follow those definitely will help you to come up from this situation. Okay sounds to RichardIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 4:23 it's nice to hear knows.NA NURSE ARUL 4:27 Okay so thank you and along with I would like to say that once you started to stop smoking or drinking or whatever is being missing so again your way too so in order to prevent all those things. Please try to engage your things in a risky activity Sunday. When your time for exercise only you can start working in jogging and slowly you can miss that one. time because the early morning like the winter weather, you will see some Distress activity.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 5:02 Oh yeah no support my budget recovery I've been followed that with a nice to hear no.NA NURSE ARUL 5:08 Okay Mr. schad I hope they will follow this suggestion what I told you have any concerns please contact me and also I would like to say that please come for the regular checkup of that person and we will monitor and I will give the report they will consult up how does it sound?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 5:26 Yeah, it's nice to hear nurse Tango nurse thank you for over blonde dress and physician.NA NURSE ARUL 5:32 Thank you so much and have a nice morning.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 5:36 Okay, thank you.


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