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SS.1035. Sinimol Augustine- aswini sumathi


SPEAKERS NURSE (65%), INTERLOCUTOR (35%) IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:05 Good eveningNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 0:08 I am scouting and tables once again say that you're quite anxious. May I know what's bothering you?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:18 Yeah, actually, I'm a listener but and it's my mother. My daughter in some way has been admitted in the hospital for the treatment of IR abscess. I'm little worried about her hair because she's the first time in the hospital and I'm sorry nurse I can't be at the hospital all the time because I have to my children's is five and seven at the homeNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 0:47 being a mother I knowIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:59 Okay,NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 1:03 okay.Nominations may know your name. Yeah, sure. Please. Man or your name.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:09 You can call me Katherine.NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 1:13 Katherine and as I said earlier, your child you're upset this condition is treatable one other common condition or and you told me that she thought she how an adult siblings rightIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:34 yeah you're right.NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 1:36 And notice that when they played togetherIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:42 yeah yes nurse she always play with themNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 1:49 Okay, the other in regarding the normal routine. Yeah, andIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:57 yeah. Yeah, sorry for the nurse. She will not feed herself. Also she likes to eat abroad. I burn mangoes and berries. And also she usually sleep for that too horrible sad the afternoon us.NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:18 Okay, and the issue toilet?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 2:21 Yeah, she fully trained nurseNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:24 and know how they brought any favourite toys. SoIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 2:30 yeah, she brought her favourite Teddy with Ernest.NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:36 And Catherine, thank you for sharing this all informations today. This made a clear understanding on how to prepare the nursing care plan Oscar. already commenced antibiotics and painkiller medication.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 2:56 Okay,NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 2:57 once after the statement starts and don't have any other content to gathering.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:04 Yeah, yes. No, no, no. So you have clearNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 3:09 and one more important thing is there and we have some hours it is from 11am to 8pm. IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:18 Okay, sure.NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 3:23 Being alone, it will be very stressful for you. But there is overnights tests are available in a special promo for many that we can offer that options. Okay. They only have this option to shift to the especially.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:48 No, yeah, yes. No. Yes.NS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 3:52 Okay, I will go for that for you. And Catherine, do you have any other sense to ask me?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:01 No now so you have clear tankiness that your valuable concernNS NURSE SINIMOL AUGUSTINE 4:06 and gathering NightBot by how cleared and if you have any other concerns, you can trust this person. By the time I will come and help you. IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:16 Okay, thank you, nurse.


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