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SPEAKERS NURSE (66%), INTERLOCUTER (34%) NS NURSE SUBIN 0:01 Okay Good afternoon JessicaIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 0:04 and good afternoonNS NURSE SUBIN 0:08 my name is Selena. I am one of selection so for me this was our dissing I don't have a polling data from your websiteIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 0:18 yeah I know I said visited a minute ago knows but no one has come to see you know I feel alone and depression and also the pain making me uncomfortable you know this is the first time I have been hospitalized by your use reversal laners oh I want to file a complaint regarding thisNS NURSE SUBIN 0:43 I understand that you are being paid that I must fully afford it. This is a critical patient the last days orthopedic heart disease explained to me what you posted in our hallway surveyIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 1:07 yeah no thank you ma'am my pin is very severe knows I can tolerate this pain as a place to place gives them a painkillerNS NURSE SUBIN 1:19 you show me the fever I understand your pain. The second category the pain in a piece of software so if it's a pain then you say a severe wayIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 1:30 yeah knows I actually my brain as far as I think able Nyan knowsNS NURSE SUBIN 1:38 Okay, this ego I understand that you are very I'm sorry. This is a very difficult I disagree. Orientation. Where is your VR? pony?IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 1:53 Yeah, no so even though you're taking the pain dealer I have no shortage of paintersNS NURSE SUBIN 2:00 DC guy GTV I know you're a doctor. me he said okay.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 2:11 No one knows I can't wait for Doctor anymore please give me some medication Sooners by yourselfNS NURSE SUBIN 2:20 just sit up is the right person to medication. Use medication. Mr only. Okay, are you getting myIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 2:34 point? Yeah, sure.NS NURSE SUBIN 2:37 Oh, good to see.You see. IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 2:42 How do we the days to heal this leg fracture knows.NS NURSE SUBIN 2:49 It will take maybe one to four weeks. If you are following our tradition, our physician you to get this video recording. Okay. Okay.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:03 He said Should I cancel the physiotherapist or a dietitian?NS NURSE SUBIN 3:12 is surely we are providing physiotherapy regular ways. And you know you they will leave only one day after for three years.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:21 Yeah.NS NURSE SUBIN 3:24 Definitely. The next two days. Okay.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:27 Okay, sureness.NS NURSE SUBIN 3:30 Okay. Okay, you have any other concern?IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:33 clarify my doubts and worries. I'm totally satisfied with that.NS NURSE SUBIN 3:41 If any queries you can pause the buzzer. I will definitely I will come. Come on. I must show you that. It is not a better quality part of experience. today.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:55 Yes, no, Sophie. Thank you.NS NURSE SUBIN 4:02 Okay, thank you for listening me. I wish you a speedy recovery.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 4:04 Okay, thank you. NS NURSE SUBIN 4:07 Thank you. Hello.


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