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SPEAKERS NURSE (71%), INTERLOCUTER (29%) NS NURSE SUBIN 0:02 Good afternoon.IM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 0:03 Good afternoonNS NURSE SUBIN 0:06 my name is Ruben I am one of the knees working in this community health center Please take your seatIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 0:14 Thank goodnessNS NURSE SUBIN 0:18 so getting into SEOIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 0:19 yeah you can call me a MartinNS NURSE SUBIN 0:24 MartinIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 0:25 yeahNS NURSE SUBIN 0:27 How can I help you today?IM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 0:28 Yeah no so actually my blood pressure is very high recently you know, I am working as a lawyer but it's just for work life I didn't I didn't time to maintain my health nurse Michelle Mrs should your makes it difficult for me to exercise on a regular basis now Could you please help me knows what to do?NS NURSE SUBIN 0:52 Yo come on you also working at PC your PC worker and suddenly you are diagnosed with blood pressure to you Don't worry I will deny you remember that your doctor offered to hear me rightIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 1:11 yesNS NURSE SUBIN 1:11 no discussing this condition here so I have records I want to record I understand that from your records. You have some habits of like smoking and drinking and you have your mind or trying to doing the record exercises right?IM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 1:27 Yes No.NS NURSE SUBIN 1:29 Okay. Okay Marty Martin cannot tell me how often you are smoking daily.IM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 1:38 Yeah No. I smoke a pack of cigarettes in a day Yeah.NS NURSE SUBIN 1:47 Coleman the company startedIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 1:53 sorryNS NURSE SUBIN 1:56 how many gloves how many pens to drink aIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 2:01 couple of drinks after my walkNS NURSE SUBIN 2:05 Okay, Okay Mr. Bean I understand that what the content will be how to how to be in this it'sIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 2:13 mentally bonds to 15 years I maintain this habitNS NURSE SUBIN 2:24 stop this habitsIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 2:25 yeah no so many times I thought this hour this drinking smoking habit but I can't notice Would you please give some suggestion solutions to our this habitNS NURSE SUBIN 2:40 on Monday I will explain to you and now today I will be really flat regarding that session program and this program I will give one leaf this year mainly said to hear you are discussing your health condition conditionIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 3:03 Yes NoNS NURSE SUBIN 3:03 YesOh come on. Martin a USA you are some pallets under your face that is a main base of your baby here is it I live on what the cattle experts tell me what they want to direct preferringIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 3:21 actually I prefer mostly non vegetarian itemsNS NURSE SUBIN 3:27 okay you don't want nobody to really okay for me your medical reports I understand that you are VPS What do you make it this is a little high from the normal level we can manage blood pressure if you are doing some life stagesIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 3:56 it's nice to hear knows I'm totally satisfied with thatNS NURSE SUBIN 4:02 okay Martin first of all again this afforded someIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 4:09 yeahNS NURSE SUBIN 4:11 I know we did a very suddenly for so long have the rightsIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 4:19 yeah yes no so you know this is and this isn't good for me I know but I it helps me to cope with the source of my work that's why I can know this habitNS NURSE SUBIN 4:33 will get mundane to deal with unless you reduce alcoholism. I noticed suddenly particularly you catch me later this month that is popping in then finally, complete the scope that I was left out.IM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 4:53 It's nice to hear knows.NS NURSE SUBIN 4:56 Okay, I'm going to do some exercise. At least I All you are very busy but generally how will when you are going to go this how we are going by you are using by car orIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 5:11 by using bykea by IgnaceNS NURSE SUBIN 5:17 I want to tell you try to walk in I think is one of the best. So I finally got pretty good but cannot pray at least walking outIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 5:27 for sure that's for my better recovery. I will follow that.NS NURSE SUBIN 5:33 Okay, I appreciate for your decision. Amati McLean. If you're following my suggestion, as being a manager or a director, you will follow those leads out there manage whatever, you can report on how we can change your life today.IM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 6:01 Okay, so it's nice to hear. Yeah, okay, nice. Okay.NS NURSE SUBIN 6:07 You have any other function?IM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 6:08 No, no. See, clarify my doubts and worries. I'm totally satisfied with that. ThankNS NURSE SUBIN 6:16 you for listening me. I have a niceIM INTERLOCUTER MARTIN 6:20 good Thank you.


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