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SPEAKERS NURSE (60%), INTERLOCUTER RECHA (39%), INTERLOCUTER REACH (1%) IR INTERLOCUTER REACH 0:00 Okay, you can start.NA NURSE ANGELA 0:05 Hello. Good morning. IR INTERLOCUTER REACH 0:06 Good morning. Good morning. NA NURSE ANGELA 0:10 My name is Angela. I'm an actor Registered. Registered Nurse working in this casualty what? Could you tell me your name for my confirmation?IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 0:22 Yes, yes, nurse, you can call me reach out.NA NURSE ANGELA 0:28 Okay, Mr. Richard, could you tell me what brings you here todayIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 0:36 you know, I have recently been met with some accident this morning, and I have good insurance all over my body. And I have lost a hell of a whole blood. So my daughter, I feel so much tired and dizzy and also my head is very much light and I'm feeling like I'm losing my energy also. You know, my doctor had recently told me to do some blood transfusion thing because of because to compensate with this blood loss, so she has told me to come visit you and undergo this blood transfusion thing so that I'm here now.NA NURSE ANGELA 1:19 Okay, do you know anything regarding blood transmission?IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 1:25 I didn't know anything regarding the procedure, but you know, I have a lot of queries or concerns regarding that.NA NURSE ANGELA 1:34 Okay. Could you tell me what you want to know about the blood transfusion? Then I can clear you all the doubts.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 1:44 Yes, you know, how been recently told by my colleagues and also I have seen in some social media platform also Reddit in some magazines that these blood transfusion associated HIV infections and blood borne viruses infections are rising abruptly glow in the whole globe. So I'm very much concerned and worried about these situations and you know, how to think a lot of time before I undergo this blood transfusion because, you know, if I if once I get this HIV infection it will be for this lifetime and you know, the has no cure. So I have to you I'm very much worried about this, do we have to take this strictlyNA NURSE ANGELA 2:36 I can understand your worries, don't worry, for this concern, because we have a reputed blood bank here before transfusing the donors bled, we are closely checking that possibilities of any infection or a major diseases such as HIV hbsag There's so many tests we have done then normally, if everything got normal, then only we are collecting their blood. So no need to worry about those kinds of infection you will not get such kind of infection from the during the time of blood transfusion. So, you can worry about that.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 3:14 Yeah, how can be so sure about that.NA NURSE ANGELA 3:19 Because I told you that we have a reputed blood bank and we have repeated apps also they are collected before collecting the donors blood they are doing all those procedure as well everything could go getting normal then only they will collect the blood before and when we are transducing the blood before transfusion, you have bled and that donors blood also getting cross mash and for that also they will not find any complication or any side effects then only they will allow us to issue that blood then and then there will not get any side effects and during the time there may be mild side effects that I'll explain you. But for this kind of major illness you will not get through I can assure you that you will not get through the blood transmission. I may get to you.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 4:11 Yes, yes. Yes. Okay. So I have some some other queries regarding that. Will we be able to clear thatNA NURSE ANGELA 4:23 Okay, sure. I'll clearIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 4:27 okay. So Is it painful is a painful procedure.NA NURSE ANGELA 4:34 Actually blood translation is going through an IV cannula for the insertion of Imy IV cannula, you have a little bit pain and after that when the during the procedure you will not you will not get any pain. The whole bill pay Tran transfused through that IV can lonely and and we are connecting as Tirrell atmosphere for the procedures we are new using the new syringes new cannulas and for throughout the procedures A nurse will be there for access to you or for any note or noting for any complication or side effects because there are mild side effects such as a mild fever or maybe nauseated feeling or something like that maybe happen if you have that kind of issue you can inform us we will inform the doctor and we will do as as as unnecessary things me hitting youIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 5:35 yes yes okay so you actuallyNA NURSE ANGELA 5:40 have any other questionsIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 5:41 yeah you're telling me that there will be no potential complications that I have to worry is rightNA NURSE ANGELA 5:50 yes I during the transmission my complications only but before the translation for about the blood and blood translation method you don't worry about that we are here to help you. Okay turnIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 6:05 Yes no. So how long does it take for the whole transmission to complete?NA NURSE ANGELA 6:11 Actually for that one blood transfusion normally take four to six hours and you have to be here for half an hour to one hour for observation after the blood transfusion and within five six to seven hours you can if you are okay you can go home don't worry.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 6:35 OkayNA NURSE ANGELA 6:39 and one more thing I have to say that you are severe anemic and after blood transfusion also you have to take care of something regarding your food you have to eat morally green leafy vegetables and include more iron containing fruit in your diet that will help you to cope up with your situation. Am I getting youIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 7:01 yes yes nurse sure I will do that. So after this blood transfusion will I be had facing any other you know physical physical changes like you know No, I am without blood I am feeling this tiredness drowsiness, lethargy, soNA NURSE ANGELA 7:26 due to I know Mia, you have this kind of issue. After we are getting blood transmission. If you're okay, when your blood gets normal, you will not feel any difficulties like this disease. Everything will go and you will be perfectly alright. Am I getting you? Yes, yes.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 7:43 Yes. Thank you, nurse. Thank you very much forNA NURSE ANGELA 7:47 having Yes. Do you have any other questions regarding this?IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 7:51 No, no, ma'am. So I will be liking to get transputer as early as possible, but you don't mind if you make some arrangements of getting this but for efficient as soon as possible?NA NURSE ANGELA 8:05 Yes, I will do the necessary arrangements now itself. Don't worry. Okay.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 8:10 Okay. Thank you. Thank you, nurse. Thank you very much. Grace.NA NURSE ANGELA 8:15 Thank you so much.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 8:17 Thank you very much.


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