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SS. 1026. Lisha -richard


Rematching speakers... SPEAKERS NURSE (67%), INTERLOCUTER (33%) NL NURSE LISHA 0:00 Okay, hi good afternoonIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:02 Good afternoon I'mNL NURSE LISHA 0:04 Alicia enough that is Turner's work in this community health center Could you please tell me your good name for further clarification?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:13 Yeah you can call me RichardNL NURSE LISHA 0:16 Okay Mr. radak What brings you here today yesterdayIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:21 yeah no so recently my blood pressure is very high does you know I am working as a lawyer just for work like I did any time to maintain my health which he should invite to the difficult for me to exercise on a regular basis nurseNL NURSE LISHA 0:40 Okay, Mr. Jeff Let me ask some questions regarding your lifestyle and habits.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:50 So you can ask meNL NURSE LISHA 0:53 Okay, did you are you smoke or drink?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:59 Yeah no so I have some bad habits I smoke a packet of cigarettes in a day and a couple of drinks after my workNL NURSE LISHA 1:07 Okay, Okay Mr. overcharge I will explain to you what happened this blood pressure is high because of this habit you know the smoking is smoking is a you know this publication of the blood pressure is high and the habits of the okay okay. So you just have to try again is poking you can you stop me today?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:45 I actually pick it up Sigrid nerdiness.NL NURSE LISHA 1:50 Okay so again did you start back at two or three birthday that you can use for the for bringing also the good habits also you can reduce upon fine you can partyIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 2:07 thing okayNL NURSE LISHA 2:11 and the guarding you are getting a job sir You told me the lawyer yeah oh yeah. Okay. If you are I know the lawyer job is very difficultIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 2:25 least do you have stress also in your job lead that's because you have no data you can then use the specific How are you having stress related problems we can find we can do some activities like listening to the Dory or reading some books and watching reading so Is that okay? Are you getting my point?NL NURSE LISHA 3:02 I can understand that.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:05 Okay, then if you like some play a place instead of exercise you can do some playing play for games like football you can if you likeNL NURSE LISHA 3:19 okay and importantly habits and if you need to find some activities you can do some meditation seals out so you can use these habitsIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:38 yeah noNL NURSE LISHA 3:39 okay. So okay so that is this if you are if you are interested or again some alcoholic anonymous program that is helpful for reducing this alcoholic tendencyIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:55 yeah no sorry yeah so I'm gonna James I thought that that like this hour this drinking and smoking habit icon Could you please give some suggestion to avoid this habit?NL NURSE LISHA 4:10 Okay, I told you Okay Mr. Rabbit, I understood in your practice, you can do some diversion to activities like meditation yoga on this when you are reading this habit you can clean up my mind like listening to music or you know listening and walking walking on is the best emphasize the four C's reducing the blood pressure for reducing the stress means you can do some yoga and meditation that is reducing the blood pressure and just mind auto refresh. Okay, is that okay? Okay, okay, Mr. Agenda, do you do we During this activities and avenues your life changing and definitely you will get there and reduce your blood pressure also in your blood pressure to the doctor Dave he will need some medication so thatIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 5:22 Okay, sure. Yeah name is actually known as your made out salary center decided to the terminus.NL NURSE LISHA 5:33 Oh, okay. You can do these activities and change your life and you will become better at recovery. Have a nice day.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 5:44 Oh good. Thank goodness.NL NURSE LISHA 5:45 Thank you.


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