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SS. 1025. A Babitha Babu- katherin


SPEAKERS NURSE (51%), INTERLOCUTER (49%) IK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 0:04 Do you need thisNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 0:14 right is thisIK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 0:16 your rightNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 0:20 tell me how can youIK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 0:21 yeah or you can call me CatherineNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 0:25 okayIK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 0:30 yeah my daughter has been in the hospital for the treatment of a year abscess. I'm a little worried about her health because she is the first time in the hospital and I'm worried I'm sorry and as I can add the hospital the time because I have two more children's at age two five and seven as PaulNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 0:58 or Gavin I can understand you but I assure you that don't worry about your parents are very formal. Additional amountsIK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 1:13 yeahNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 1:15 okay, honey, you came on the right arm here you are here you are and your child is safe and we can forward and better care for your childIK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 1:27 yeah sure.NB NURSE BABITHA BABU 1:31 Don't worry about your side regarding what did you notice the year after?IK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 1:46 Yeah, it's dude days ago now'sNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 1:51 the end. Do you try any other treatments before?IK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 1:55 No no nurseNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 2:01 Elissa bird she flies.IK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 2:04 Yeah, yes. She always play with themNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 2:12 regarding time, how many hours she's meeting.IK INTERLOCUTER KATHERIN 2:17 She usually sleeps for two hours that afternoon and night. Long enough clock asleep as you sleep and wake up to now eight o'clockNB NURSE BABITHA BABU 2:33 with a tableau for shape or form.


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