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Rematching speakers... SPEAKERS NURSE (52%), INTERLOCUTER (48%) ND NURSE DIVYA 0:00 Good morning.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 0:04 Good morning.ND NURSE DIVYA 0:06 My name is Divya and I'm a nurse as the specialtyIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 0:11 may know if you can call me reach outND NURSE DIVYA 0:18 okay. So as you may know the reasonIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 0:25 how I recently got into an accident in the morning and my body is insured and I have lost a lot of black. I'm feeling so much tired and lightheaded that I'm feeling like I'm losing my strength. When doctors have told me that I have to try I have to get transmitted the transfixed with some blood in order to compensate with the blood loss. So the doctor has placed me to come to a command to do that procedure. So I'm here to undergo this on the red button if you'reND NURSE DIVYA 1:02 following sorry to hear that your consent doctor has recommended to undergo yet that transmission because you make an accident so that you lost lots of blood. There's no reason doctor or service to to this procedure. Okay, as I told you here, here, as you told me here, yesIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 1:24 . Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.ND NURSE DIVYA 1:36 You fail, you feel tightness, dizziness and all.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 1:40 Yeah. I'm pretty much confirmed regarding the blood transfusion things. And I'm having so many doubts and I'm so worried about this procedure, will you be able to clarify some of my doubt if I asked you,ND NURSE DIVYA 1:56 of course you can ask me I will clear your doubts out okay.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 1:59 I have recently heard it from friends and also some social media platforms and also very somewhere else that globally, this blood transfusion rate and heb spread is coming into an abrupt race. So I'm pretty much confused and worried regarding this Patreon phishing thing that I may be in the risk for getting these backbone virusesND NURSE DIVYA 2:30 you are confronted understand the possibilities of explaining first of all the possibilities of infection is very, very small. Because we believe every donor will undergo a screen test in order to identify any HIV or the infection. Okay. So you try to avoid much worry because because already, as I told you already in undergo the screening, they don't want some of that, butIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 3:09 so much sure that this tiny, tiny tiny organism will not be there in that blood.ND NURSE DIVYA 3:17 Yes, he was correct. If you are not taking blood transmission as soon as possible. You may cancel face or some other symptoms, like some other symptoms, you may feel giving us some organ damage. Okay. Yeah, that's it even we had a solution to undergo any question regarding this procedure?IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 3:49 Sorry.ND NURSE DIVYA 3:50 Do you have any other questions regarding this?IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 3:54 I'm having other concerns. And you know, so you are selling that there will be no chances or barely the chances for getting this infection, right. Yeah, okay. My concern is that is this procedure, painful.ND NURSE DIVYA 4:13 Don't worry ourselves that much because it is your pain only when we are starting the procedure, we insert one of the small needles into your forearm. Okay. During that time only you may thanks to face pain, other ways. You feel more comfortable. Okay. With your permission, let me explain about something this procedure. Sorry. So let me explain about the blood transfusion procedures. Yeah.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 4:44 New information for me.ND NURSE DIVYA 4:46 Yeah, okay. This process so far, it will undergo a sterile technique. This procedure will complete to take around three to four hours. It's During this procedure, we use ear seam serum just made under your IV trace, the conclusion saysIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 5:10 Okay,IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 5:11 so one of our nurses will monitor closely according to Schleich, like a vital signs or temperature file sent off to you, okay, you feel feel any changes or any other symptoms that occur immediately we could stop the procedure and we will inform to your concern doctor in order to start another treat much. I thinkND NURSE DIVYA 5:42 yes. So, you're saying that there will be no potential complications which you which I want, I don't want to be worried about right. Yes. Okay, yeah. If youIR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 5:57 are not undergo this procedure as soon as possible, you know, chance to face some other complications, okay.ND NURSE DIVYA 6:07 I would really take to complete this presentation because I want to get back home as soon as possible because my children alone,IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 6:15 I can understand the situation being as a parent, it is very difficult to cope with a situation don't worry, this procedure will take to complete me to follow us after completing this procedure, Dr. Will come on to FAQ. Let me know about when you will.ND NURSE DIVYA 6:34 Okay. Yes, yes, you have heard all my other times, I feel more relaxed and I am willing to do this, you know, willing to undergo this blood transfusion thing as soon as possible. So please make some arrangements for that.IR INTERLOCUTER RECHA 6:49 Yes, maybe I will make the necessary arrangements to solve this. If you have any other doubt, you can search this collar that didn't come back. Thank you for your willingness. I wish you it. ND NURSE DIVYA 7:04 Thank you.


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