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SS. 1020. Shakila david- richard


SPEAKERS NURSE (77%), INTERLOCUTER (23%) NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:02 Good morning, my name is shakeela David, I'm one of the register NASA working in this center might helpIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:08 you. And as recently my blood pressure is very high enough, you know, I am working as a lawyer ministers will work like I didn't get any time to maintain my health knows. This usually makes it difficult for me to exercise on a regular basis. And also, I do not have time to do exercise. No.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:33 Okay, okay. And fine. Thank you so much for that to being in our center. Before that. Now I will tell you what are the things you can do hardcore. And can you tell me your name and age for my recording purpose? Yeah,IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:51 you can call me. Richard. I'm 44 years old.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:57 Okay, Mr. JOHN Easterday received your file from your GP saying like, you need few advice regarding his life modification.Yeah, you?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:09 Yes, no. Okay.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 1:12 Okay, thank you so much for being presented. You're okay, can you tell me you said you have a smoking habit in a day? How many cigarettes Do you smoke?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:23 Yeah, no. So I smoke a packet of cigarettes a day and also a couple of drinks after my work.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 1:31 Okay, okay. And how about exercise? You? You said you'll never do exercise at all. Any time? All you need Yeah. Any time have you tried to stop or decided to stop smoking alcohol?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:47 Yeah, knows so many times I am. I thought our does and drinking habit and smoking. But I cannot put across game some suggestion to avoid this habit.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 2:00 Yeah, yeah, definitely. I'm, I'm really happy that right? You had a desire, at least to stop it. Okay, it is very difficult to quit the one habit suddenly. And what we can do here is we can do it step by step. They are a glue, and associations are available to help you with us. They will act as a team, and then they'll reach out to you individually group, or teletherapy. Also they're doing so whichever it is comfortable and feasible for you can choose and you can contact with them. Right? Okay, and I can really understand being a lawyer, the job is very stressful for you. But what we can do, you can, we can do one more thing. For a find exercise. It's not like you have to do a one hour to over exercising, really, when you start you can start with for now, that will be more beneficial. Because from your case history from your history, I will come to know that you're leading a healthy lifestyle. If you make a few changes, one lead that's going to help you also reduce your blood pressure. Am I clear to you?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:22 Yes. I can understand that. Okay.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 3:27 Yeah, please. And then you can start with the walking every day often are walking, and you can slowly increase to morning and the evening walking. And then you can go ahead with the few exercises that will be available. And that will be helpful for you. Okay, and you you try to make some time for your help in a day. That will be more helpful. A minelayer. To you.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:57 Yeah, yes, no. So I will follow whatever he told to me knows.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 4:02 Yeah, thank you so much. And I hope I answered all your doubts. And if you have any other concern, kindly clarify with me.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 4:15 Actually, no, no. So glad to hear all my doubts and worries. I'm totally satisfied with that. Thank goodness.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 4:20 Yeah. Thank you so much. Kindly follow all the lifestyle modification which I told to you that are very important at present. Reduce your blood pressure. Okay.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 4:34 Thank goodness.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 4:36 Thank you so much.


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