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SS.1019. Praseetha Raju-maria


SPEAKERS NURSE (73%), INTERLOCUTER (27%) NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 0:00 Good evening.IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 0:01 Good evening nurse.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 0:03 Myself, I see that you are not registered on duty today. I can see that you've got your child with you got everything all right?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 0:13 Yeah, yes nurse but, but it's not okay. But I am waiting for the couple of hours. I'm so scared regarding my child condition. Where is the daughter and as peace as the daughter to come and check my child as soon as possible.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 0:30 I really understand your situation and being a mother. It's really hard to Tanisha but don't worry, I am here to help you and I will monitor your child and I will do everything as I can. Okay? Yeah. Okay. Vinay,IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 0:46 you can call me Maria.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 0:49 Okay, Maria. Then could you tell me your child name and age?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 0:55 Yeah, he said we instal a hand name he say that.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 1:00 Okay, so could you explain actually what happens to him?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 1:04 Yeah, no, sir. Last two days he have a difficulty in breathing and it has been cough and bristling alsoNP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 1:13 Okay, fine. Then you already told that your sir How are we seeing? Some dyspnea my correctIM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 1:28 last few days nurseNP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 1:31 Okay, fine. Is he allergic to any medications or any food?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 1:36 No, no, no.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 1:39 Okay, fine. Then can I assess him?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 1:42 Yeah, sure. Please.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 1:45 Okay, fine. For my explanation I suspected that your child has asthma. Did you hear that you have any idea about asthma?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 1:55 No nurse could you please explain me?NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 1:58 Oh definitely I will explain in detail actually the condition and the AV become inflamed, narrow and spell and produce that extra mucus which will make to make difficult to breathe then you get my point These aspects because of some allergies to pollen, the air pollutants, some any other respiratory infections. So these are the common causes. Okay. Could you tell me this anyone in your family have asthma?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 2:34 No nerves.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 2:36 Okay, fine. Thank you so much for answering mycosis and I'm so sorry to tell you that the doctor will come shortly I know you are very much tense and waiting here I know. But additional emergency department. So today's quite busy day and the doctors are attending emergency cases and trying to save critically patient's life. So that is the delay.Okay. IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 3:02 Okay.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 3:05 In meantime,I will I will check your your child vital signs and I will monitor him continuously and I will do whatever she wants. Is that okay for you?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 3:17 Yeah, sure.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 3:20 After that, the doctor will come and he will assess your child and he's the right person to diagnose your child condition.IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 3:31 Yes, yeah.NP NURSE PRASEETHA RAJU 3:34 Okay, fine. Then is there anything I need to clarify?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 3:38 Oh no, no as please. I am little more worried about my health, my child condition based kind of my chart and it gives them fasted and our and for for her condition.


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