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SS.1016. Lincy Antony- MARIA


Rematching speakers... SPEAKERS NURSE (79%), INTERLOCUTER (21%) IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 0:00 Good morning nurse.NL NURSE LINCY ANTONY 0:03 My name is Lindsay and any one of the registered nurses who is working this emergency department. How may I address you? IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 0:10 Yeah.You can call me Maria.NL NURSE LINCY ANTONY 0:15 Okay Maria but you brings you to here?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 0:19 Yeah, actually, Nurse I'm waiting for the couple of hours. I'm so scared or regarding my child condition. Where is the daughter Naz plays as the daughter to oh come and check my child as soon as possible.NL NURSE LINCY ANTONY 0:37 Oh or Egypt very understandable. You know to worry about that we have our Emergency Department nurses and doctors are really busy now. That's why they are they're not attending this time. So I am asking apologise for that. But could you don't mind could you please tell me the child's name and my what is bothering her?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 1:02 Yeah, her name is Aiden nurse last few days he have difficulty in breathing, chest pain cough and whistling at Tyler's noseNL NURSE LINCY ANTONY 1:13 or all can do not worry about that you are at the right place. So we will take care of your child but please wait for until Doctor will come Okay doctor will come come and assess your child and he will provide the definite diagnosis after his thorough assessment. Is it okay yeah, sure. Okay, so doctor will attend you shortly by the time I need to take take vital signs which means blood pressure or pulse rate respiration rate and the temperature can I proceed?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 1:48 Yeah, yes, yes please.NL NURSE LINCY ANTONY 1:51 Yes. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Upon my examination your child says he has child's condition is stable so wait for a few minutes and doctor will come and attend do if you have if you have any doubts you can ask me Do you have any other concerns?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 2:13 No, yeah, yes nurse No, I scared that my child has asked mannersNL NURSE LINCY ANTONY 2:20 or okay. Do not worry about that. If it is asthma any doctors has diagnostic before any doctors previously diagnosed asthma for your child noIM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 2:40 nurse.NL NURSE LINCY ANTONY 2:42 Okay and then how have you know any child is suffering from asthma?IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 2:48 Yeah, yes nurse sometimes she has difficulty in breathing nurseNL NURSE LINCY ANTONY 2:56 Okay, that's why we can do not worry about that. Me maybe difficult operating maybe some of the infection. So Dr. Ray gave you that F needs diagnosis for that do you wait for the consultation? Okay. Okay, I am reassure you that it was child's condition at the present it is stable. So do not worry about that can child's condition and we are taking care of the care of her until Doctor will come so if you have any difficulty during doctor's visit talk Doctor waiting time please press the buzzer I will attendee on is it okay for you IM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 3:46 yes or no?NL NURSE LINCY ANTONY 3:49 Or good. Thank you for your cooperation. I thank you for your cooperation and a better understanding. Doctor will come and attend a challenge shortly by the time we get here. ThankIM INTERLOCUTER MARIA 4:02 you. Thank you enough. Thank you available concern.


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