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SPEAKERS NURSE (68%), INTERLOCUTER RICHARD (30%), INTERLOCUTER RICHARD (2%) IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:03 Good eveningNA NURSE ASHLEY 0:06 my name is Ashley Jones one of the registered nurses work in this community health center pays visitorsIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:12 thank goodnessNA NURSE ASHLEY 0:16 me I just youI INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:17 You can call me RichardNA NURSE ASHLEY 0:20 use this gigantic case notI INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:25 sure knowsNA NURSE ASHLEY 0:28 that if whatever patient please explain me what happened to exactlyI INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:33 Thank you they suddenly my blood pressure is very high now I you know I am working very stressful work life trying to maintain my health which makes it really difficult for me to exercise on a regular basis and also I do not have any time to do SSH tunnelsNA NURSE ASHLEY 0:58 Don't worry Richard I can help you to sort out or issue so I had more than that I understood that for the last month you will feel better she was a bit high beta for work during to me to give advices for the lifestyle changes will be held for you to keep the blood vessel within the limits so the lady was supposed to know without you I won't be able to get good practice but can ask more about your health and issues that are good for you. I do have the habit of workingI INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:43 today I have some bad habits I smoke a pack of cigarettes in a day and also a couple of drinks after my work so many times I told our this learning and smoking habit with icon is could you please give me give some suggestions to avoid this habitNA NURSE ASHLEY 2:00 yes of course which I can help you with right walking and alcoholism but you'd never but don't worry I can suggest a button that is Alcoholics Anonymous program as smoking cessation program that even available in our hospital also also we can also depart the shot so through that you can share your experiences as well sort of died in our hospital many of them recovered from this addiction especially smoking and drinking and tried to find out you're taking more amount of alcohol and so you've tried to reduce the number of steps and figures also within this short period of time you will be able to completely work this habit and instead of using this near the end of cigarettes you can use electric cigarettes that will be available in the pharmacy so you won't be harmful for your health or my player.I INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:05 Yes No. Yes nurseNA NURSE ASHLEY 3:16 tries to do an exerciseI INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:20 I do not have any time to do now. So I like thisNA NURSE ASHLEY 3:29 you are telling that because of this a job Shane is also a professional we are doing john sorry. What kind of profession you are doing,I INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:44 working as a lawyer knows.NA NURSE ASHLEY 3:49 Also, along with the proper medication is also very important for our health. So you try to do small exercises in the home also.I INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 4:03 Okay. Okay, shortness. I will continue that. Oh, goodness, thank you. Thank you for your valuable support and solution. They're totally satisfied with that. Thank you very much.


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