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SS. 1008. kavitha- richard


SPEAKERS NURSE (69%), INTERLOCUTER RICHARD (29%), INTRERLOCUTER (1%), INTERLOCUTER RICHARD (<1%) NK NURSE KAVITHA 0:00 Hello Good morningI INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:03 good money knowsNK NURSE KAVITHA 0:05 yes I'm sister Kavita and after Community Health Nurse here in the center, how can I help you?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:13 Recently my blood pressure is really high or you know, working as a lawyer have ever stressful work like I didn't need any time to maintain my health and also busy shooting makes it difficult for me to exercise on a regular basis and also do not have any time to do it.NK NURSE KAVITHA 0:37 Oh, the I can understand your situation. And before further proceeding, can you please tell me your name for our documentation?IR INTRERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:45 Yeah, you can call me Richard.NK NURSE KAVITHA 0:48 Richard Okay, john, please. Can you please explain about your drinking habits?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 0:57 Yeah, sure. I have some bad habits you know, I smoke a pocket packet of cigarettes a day and also a couple of drinks after my work. I know this is me but you know, it has me to cope with the stress of my work. So many times I thought out this drinking habit but I cannot put it please view some physician to avoid this habit.NK NURSE KAVITHA 1:24 Yeah, yeah, sure. I can give some suggestions for your drinking and smoking habits also. First we will go to the drinking habits we will concentrate on it for drinking how many carbs you're drinking per day. Can you please explain about that?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:41 I want to pick a couple of drinksNK NURSE KAVITHA 1:45 too badIR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:46 yeah. Yeah.NK NURSE KAVITHA 1:50 The anyhow you decide to weight your drinking habits?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 1:56 So many things? I don't know but I can't because of my stressful work life. I can't stop this.NK NURSE KAVITHA 2:06 Okay, but I really appreciate for your you want to quit your drinking habits. It's really good. I can do some suggestion for you are drinking for quit drinking? Can I?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 2:17 Yes. No. Sure.NK NURSE KAVITHA 2:20 Yes, Russia for the drinking habits. No, you we have some some long group for drinking habits. Yeah. And there is so many people's there for the drinking of which drinking. So what we can do is you can join in that group and they will advise all the things you need to do for reducing drinking. Drinking are when you can stop immediately. I can understand that one. But what you can do is you can reduce your drinking one bite day by day. After a few weeks further, you cannot stop.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:02 Yeah, I didn't follow that.NK NURSE KAVITHA 3:07 Okay, the second one is we can move on to smoking. Yeah. We can. No a Okay, john, for the smoking. We have this smoking cessation section. If you're joining in that section, why some alternative for smoking? Okay, okay. Okay. You follow all those things? So sure you will stop smoking. So okay,IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:31 sure. No, so I will follow their nose.NK NURSE KAVITHA 3:35 Okay, do you have any other consent?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 3:39 Actually, no, no.NK NURSE KAVITHA 3:43 Okay, okay. Ah, and one more thing I forgot to explain about the exercise. Yeah, Jody, you're having a life as a lawyer. But what you can do is you can do simple exercise like walking. Yeah. When you're going for the walk, or you're walking in the apartments like that.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 4:05 No, no, actually, I went to the work by bike nurse.NK NURSE KAVITHA 4:10 Okay, but what about your place of walking in? You're using the elevator?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 4:17 Yes, no.NK NURSE KAVITHA 4:20 Oh, he I can understand. Instead of using elevator, you can use steps so you do help for the instead of being more exercise, ISIS, use the stairs for walking. Okay, it will help more.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 4:35 Yeah, shortness. I will follow that.NK NURSE KAVITHA 4:40 Yeah, if you will follow all these lifestyle modifications. Sure. You will, blood pressure will take readings. And what about your diet habits.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 4:49 I mostly prefer to eat the non vegetarian items for ready meals like that.NK NURSE KAVITHA 4:58 Okay, I can understand But I can give some suggestion about the diet also. Can I yes, yes, yes Richland you can take some foods prepared by in your home it's possible to prepare yeah knows. What we can you can do is you can prepare some vegetable salad or fruit salad you can put it in the box and when you're going for the work the meantime you can eat that one it will be more helpful instead of using the past items because it's more rich in oil and it will affect your blood pressure.IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 5:37 Okay showrunnersNK NURSE KAVITHA 5:41 Okay, do they have any other doubts?IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 5:43 No, no see clarity on my doubts and worries. I'm totally satisfied with that. tanglers Thank you for your support on suggestion.NK NURSE KAVITHA 5:51 Okay, channel Have a nice day. If you have any other thoughts, please feel free to ask us. IR INTERLOCUTER RICHARD 5:56 Okay. Thank you.


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