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SS.1006. Josmine Jose-aswini sumanthi


SPEAKERS NURSE J (79%), NURSE T (19%), INTERLOCUTOR (2%) NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 0:02 Good afternoon.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:03 Good afternoon.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 0:06 I am Joe Smith just one of the registered nurses working in this Children's Hospital. Okay. It looks like you are extremely worried aid. Could you please tell me my reason?NT NURSE TIJI 0:19 Yeah, as soon as I'm waiting for the couple of hours and I'm so scared regarding my child condition. Where is the Daughter please, please ask the daughter to come and take my child as soon as possible.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 0:35 Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your son is sick. And I can understand being a mother. How much you are worried about your son. Before proceeding further May I know your name and your son's name?NT NURSE TIJI 0:48 Yeah, my my son name is Aiden. Myself. MariaNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 0:59 Okay, okay, Maria I'm sorry to say for the delay of attending it because it is one of the busiest days in emergency department. Currently doctor is attending a patient who is under life threatening the four year know that's the reason for the delay of the doctor to attend us. Okay, before that time don't worry we were your son is under safe hands Okay. We will do the old necessary arrangement for him until the doctor will see him so try not to be worried about what happened to him when it isIA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:42 Hello, NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 1:42 yeah, continuekindly explain what happened to him.NT NURSE TIJI 1:47 Yeah, actually, last few days he is not wellness because he he have difficulty in breathing for the last two days. And just pain cough under Riesling also knows.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 2:02 So you mentioned that it is two days it's started. So when do you have any other previous episodes before that?NT NURSE TIJI 2:09 No, no, this is the first timeNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 2:12 Okay, did you send in taking any other medications?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 2:15 Oh no nerve.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 2:18 Okay. What about in your house? Was any pets like cats dogs like that?NT NURSE TIJI 2:25 No, no, no, as my child is playing with her friends something like that.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 2:32 Okay. So, don't worry, you know actually the native thing is doctor will examine and he will make an appropriate diagnosis for that one and if you need to be tagged the treatment according to the diagnosis of the daughter, so are they mention the since the doctor is attending the doctor, doctor is attending yet another patient it may take another 30 minutes to come for four to four years and to attend. Not to worry, I will do everything possible for your child to make stable. I can provide comfortable I can even support give the support devices which will help to relieve his symptoms. Is that okay? For you? IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:15 Yeah, sure.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 3:17 Okay, so try not to worry. Could you please allow me to take your son's vitalNT NURSE TIJI 3:23 signs? Yeah, yes, nurse, please.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 3:26 You know, because it's very important for the proper assessment. And you know, it's, it's the first thing when the doctor will ask when the doctor will come he will ask also. So, if I already prepared this one here when the doctor will arrive he can immediately start the treatment.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:43 Okay.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 3:46 So, thank you for understanding and I will do the vital signs of your son. Okay. Okay, well fortunately, by the sense of your son is normal range. So your son is stable, nothing to be alarmed. So, you have any other concerns?NT NURSE TIJI 4:06 No, no, so you have clear my own concerns.NJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 4:10 Okay, so it looks like some of us are worried and anxious but I will suggest you to be staying calm okay. We did all the things which is needed for your son and the doctor will see your son so you know, when the mother is worried or anxious it will definitely affect our son or kids. That's where I'm at. You know, be calm and say with your child, you can vent so that he can ventilate his feelings to you or so. And it matter.NT NURSE TIJI 4:42 Okay, sure, NasNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 4:45 so thank you for understanding so I will do all the necessary measures for to comfort Ireland, I'm in Ireland. I will make the arrangements to see by the doctor as early as possible. Simple is that okay MarioNT NURSE TIJI 5:01 okay Sean asked and EuniceNJ NURSE JOSMINE JOSE 5:05 Thank you for understanding I wish you a speedy recovery for yourself situationNT NURSE TIJI 5:09 okay thank goodness.


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