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SPEAKERS NURSE (71%), INTERLOCUTER (22%), INTERLOCUTOR (7%) NK NURSE KAVITHA 0:00 Good morning Jessica. I'm gonna IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 0:05 try the buzzer 30 minutes ago but no one has come to see I feel alone and depression and answer the brain makes me uncomfortable so you know this is the first time I I have been commercialized say I want to file a complaint regarding this noseNK NURSE KAVITHA 0:25 okay first of all I'm speaking sorry Jessica because Please apologize us we have some emergency in our department that's why we we went all went that side but really I'm sorry for not attending you please tell me what's bothering you.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 0:46 So today I am here even after painkiller I have I have no shortage of painters I can't tolerate this paint please help me though.NK NURSE KAVITHA 1:02 I can understand your pain bigger but to us before only our nightmares given the medicines that's why I was thinking you your pain medicine steak or some other two more hours Can you How are some painnot tolerableIJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 1:21 ? Yeah.NK NURSE KAVITHA 1:23 Or does this score from one to 10 Can you please display one is the light light score and 10 is the maximum score and five is the moderate score.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 1:33 My I think my best score is Evo nine knows and I wanted to paint learners please help meNK NURSE KAVITHA 1:41 okay Jesse, I can understand your situation. But I need to ask the doctor first because the pain is or not accept accepting you and we need to change some other medications for your pain. For that I need to ask the doctor first because the doctor is in rounds. I told you before that was an emergency attending there. He will come in few minutes so I will ask the doctor to change your painkiller. Is that clear?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:09 I can't wait for Doctor anymore now. Give me some medication to nurse by yourself.NK NURSE KAVITHA 2:18 cjC calm because here we are not advised to give any medications without doctor's orders. But what I can do is can you please show me where you see your pain?IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:29 Yeah, sure nurse in the lab partners.NK NURSE KAVITHA 2:34 Okay, maybe we can raise with a pillow and we can do some applications over there before when the doctor comes. Okay.IJ INTERLOCUTOR JISHA RAJ 2:48 Can I see a doctor now I want to see a doctor nurse. Oh, could you please help me?NK NURSE KAVITHA 2:53 Yeah, sure. I will inform the doctor. Once. He finished the emergency first year he will see the CCU. IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:00 OkayNK NURSE KAVITHA 3:01 , okay. My preference, IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:03 okay. Sure.Yeah, no. So then, how long did it take to heal my process? This led for I don't know.NK NURSE KAVITHA 3:12 Yes, I can explain you. That's a good question. If you're following all the treatments and the physiotherapy, it will be a cure in a few weeks. Okay, IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:23 okay when NK NURSE KAVITHA 3:23 you need to follow all the retreatment as advised by your doctor and your physiotherapist. Okay, and you need to take a lots of good diet and the blending of fluids.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:37 Yeah. Oh good. Should be consulted physiotherapist or a dietitian?NK NURSE KAVITHA 3:43 Yes, you're concerned about the dietitian deictic you want to know about the diet? So I can consult about the dietitian. Okay. I'll make an appointment.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 3:54 Okay. Sure knows it's nice to hear now.NK NURSE KAVITHA 3:59 Yes, the dietitian will come today and meet with you so you can ask whatever doubt you have. So she will clarify all your doubts.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 4:08 To a nurse I will follow that.NK NURSE KAVITHA 4:12 Yes, and about the physiotherapy I will inform to the physiotherapy department so the physiotherapist will come directly to your room and he will ask you if he wants you to come to the physiotherapist we will arrange for that one also.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 4:26 Okay, clear.NK NURSE KAVITHA 4:31 Okay, Jessica, don't worry about your pain. I will inform the doctor immediately. And we will do further management for your pain.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 4:38 Okay. Thank you. No, thank you for your valuable support and service. I'm totally satisfied with that. Thank you very much.NK NURSE KAVITHA 4:45 Oh, okay Jessica. If you have anything you can press the bell buttons. We will come immediately Sorry for the delay response to the last time we will not repeat it.IJ INTERLOCUTER JESSICA 4:56 Okay. Thank goodnes.


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