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NJ NURSE JINCY 0:00 Okay, you can start Joby.IJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 0:03 Okay. Good afternoon. My name is Jyoti, and I'm one of the registered nurses in this. too immature, very, very disturbed. Can you tell me what is the matter? And please, before proceeding, how can I, I want to confirm the name. So can you tell me your name?NJ NURSE JINCY 0:28 Yes, nurse. I'm Miss Margaret, Mrs. Margarita. I'm 40 years old. And I'm a primary school teacher also. And I'm a mother of six children. And my Some problems are raising my lifestyle. These days, my students are calling me by a nickname called Miss Rainey. Because I have wet my trousers eventually, which is caused by pressure induced incontinence. And it's very embarrassing. And very, I'm very shy about that. Because it invades my private life. My social life is in a collapse. I can go to school, I can go to private function, I can attend social social functions, and I can socialize anymore. And I'm very depressed. If this condition, I can't control my bladder.IJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 1:31 I'm really very sorry to hear that Margarita. Birdie have come to write. And I feel if I would have been in your place, or really, I would have feel felt the same. I think I would have been more depressed. So like you. So don't worry, you're come to the right place. We have seen many, many patients like this. And since you have six children, I that is one of the main cause. But the good news, the we can correct it and there are many measures to follow. And definitely within two to three weeks, you will be able to control your bladder. So I'm here to help you. Okay, Miss Migrator?NJ NURSE JINCY 2:13 Yeah, yeah, it's okay. But I don't know. I just want to get out of it as soon as possible. It kind of depresses me at Time passed by? And I don't know, I'm devastating, you know, my life. My I haven't. I don't know. I can't say any word anymore. Yeah,IJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 2:40 definitely. Exactly. I will, I will help you is it started after your delivery after your child's last check. Notice that INJ NURSE JINCY 2:52 started noticing this after my fault labor, and as time passed by God, severe and severe. And now, I don't have a little bit control over my bladder. Constantly, I feel it gets filled and suddenly it flows out. It occurs between 10 to 15 every 10 to 15 minutes, right frequently, I have the urgency to go to bathroom. You know, you don't believe I go to urinate, like 20 or 25 times a day.IJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 3:35 I'm really sorry to hear that Margarita, I can feel your problem, I can see that you're more depressed. But right now, I will give you some exercises as well as I will suggest you some secondary, I will suggest you some alternatives, how you can manage this problem. So it will be very for you day by day you will be able to control your bladder and inish Finally, you will be Oh will be this problem where as soon as possible. I'm here to helpNJ NURSE JINCY 4:09 as soon as possible. Please tell me so that I can follow that.IJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 4:15 Yeah, sure. First is the you have to you have to give your splinters that is the pelvic floor muscles. This can be done with the Kegel exercise Kegel exercises are you have to unclick your muscle, lift your both legs constrict your muscle, hold it for some times, then release it. So do it in five minutes or three sets in a day morning, afternoon and evening. This if you continue for too few days, you will be able to overcome your problem. Secondly, there are alarms available in the market nowadays. Though it can be I attached to the trousers which you wear and when you're in false on it, it will give you an alarm and it will give you some vibrations immediately you can go to the bathroom. So, again man Thirdly you are you can wear this disposable pads which are available in today's talks.NJ NURSE JINCY 5:22 But yeah I believe yeah I will do that eventually but I just want a sudden cure Will you just refer me to your will this or No, no no, no first you just give me some anti inflammatory medications I will take that I just have here from colleagues and also some other patients that some patients with the same condition as of mine have got recovered from this condition by taking anti inflammatory medication. So, I thought Why should I take that why should I take these anti inflammatory medications and monitor the results after that I can consult the urologist if the problem does exist. So I thought I should take some anti inflammatory medication first Will you just give me some anti inflammatory medication that would be of very useIJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 6:14 see Miss Margarita right now I am not authorized to prescribe any medication to you it is the duty neurologist. So, he will examine you and if necessary, only he will suggest this medication because there are side effects for every medication as you know there are side effects patients so it is minimize that and try this natural methods which will help you within few few weeks so you will be getting over this problem very soon. Taking anti inflammatory I don't think it is possible but if you still suggest if you want it, I can refer it to your neurologist he will examine you and he will prescribe you if you want it shall I refer you to a urologist?NJ NURSE JINCY 7:04 Can you make it much faster that appointment thing with the neurologist? You know I'm just I'm very much depressed and I just want to get out from this condition.IJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 7:17 Yes, I do understand that you are very much depressed Miss Margarita but I suggest you to follow this natural methods which will help you as early as possible. Meanwhile, I will definitely refer you to urologist as early as possible. But I think follow whatever I have said you and you will see the difference you will see the difference. And definitely you will come back and tell me Yes sister I've done this and I've overcome it with all these methods. So I need to follow this whatever I've said you and if you feel I can suggest you to go to your therapist, so I can give his number to you you can go there and he will teach you all the exercises like Kegel exercises this muscle strengthening exercises all very possible and you definitely I can assure you that within you can overcome this problem so you need not worry about it indications like this and they all followed all my steps and they have come back with the good results so I'm suggesting you to follow these exercises is that fine Miss Margarita?NJ NURSE JINCY 8:32 Yes yes yes I will definitely do thatIJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 8:37 yeah with all this I think I have to hear the all your doubtsNJ NURSE JINCY 8:40 yes butIJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 8:45 yeah you can ask meNJ NURSE JINCY 8:46 yeah I have one doubt regarding the bad thing you have just told me told me I just want to ask you that will it be comfortable or make any discomfort or any exposing like that base? Whenever we are a bit other trousers or pants alwaysIJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 9:07 No no no you can wear a tight pants okay anyways these pads so this will prevent as you know menstrual cycle new paths right. So that is not that discomfort. uncomfortable it is same like you can think eating it will give you the not worry you will be absolutely fine with this fatsNJ NURSE JINCY 9:30 Okay, okay, I got that. So I will definitely follow your base Thank you very much for your kind words. I feel much relaxed and I will try to see your this. As soon as I can. You just please proceed the appointment for the consultation with neurologist, pleaseIJ INTERLOCUTER JYOTI 9:53 will be thanking Margarita for listening to me and following my advice. Here are some of the brochures regarding exercise. sizes and what you can do and physiotherapy, contact number everything is here. You can follow and given a group name where all these patients come together and discuss their problems. So this also can help you. So you're the number and here is the suggest to do so if you have any problem you can come back to me any time this is my number. Thank you for listening to me. I wishNJ NURSE JINCY 10:29 Thank you very much.


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