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SS.1001. Shakila David-ASHWINI SUMATHI


SPEAKERS NURSE (90%), INTERLOCUTOR (10%) NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:01 Good morning, John.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:03 Good morning knows.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:06 My name is Shakeela Davis. I'm a registered nurse working in this hospital today.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:13 Okay.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:15 Okay, how do you feel today?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:17 Yeah, as new nurse. Not well, nurse. You know, I have been involved in a car accident today, but I have been suffering that had been us.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:29 Okay. I think you're getting some analysis for that. Can you tell me what is your pain score? IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:37 Yeah, it's a deadnessNS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:40 key Don't worry, the pain I think giving a round o'clock analgesic surgery if your pain is increasing, and definitely notify to the doctor, okay, IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 0:54 okay.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 0:57 What you can do hers whenever you feel a headache and you need to hydrate yourself well, okay, along with analgesics, okay. And then try to get some sleep also. And then what is the doctors informed today's plan, if you don't, if you are not developing any other neurological symptom within a day, they may discharge you in the later Okay, yeah. So till then you will be staying here for the observation. IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 1:33 Okay, NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 1:34 so, when sub servation is finished, if you are not developing any neurological symptoms, they plan to discharge you, that means you will be back to home, okay? Once you're at home, you need to be managed your pain, okay with any eat or ice applications or analysis, whichever the doctor prescribed you and as you can you use a colour because you put some injury in your speed spine. So what you need to do need to have a call and that will help and reduce the neck pain as well. Your it will prevent the further injury.IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 2:22 Okay, yeahNS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 2:25 And then continuation of medication is very, very important. When your doctor is asked to continue your medication, you need to continue to go without okay. And they need to at home you need to practice good practices, that means you have to take care of yourself. Like whenever you're sitting you need to have an upright position, you can use extra flow to support your back. Am I clear? IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:00 Yeah, sure. NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 3:02 And then, if you if you don't mind, you can connect dots okay, because we send the request suggestions of exercise. Those are like a strengthening and relaxing exercise, which is more important time and this will be helpful to loosen up the joints and loosen up the joints it will promote your healing also, and it will help to reduce the pain as well. IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:40 Okay, yeah. NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 3:43 Okay. Thank you so much. Do you have any other cancers which you want me to clarify? IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 3:49 Do you please tell me about the funny side of it anymore when it NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 3:56 an Add Person we can't see regarding side effects because it's a one day old, your injury. So we need to observe for some time. That's why you're going to stay today. And after you're discharging. Also, you need to be following up with few symptoms. We can't say how much time and how long you take to recover fully. Am I clear?IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:22 Yeah, sure. NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 4:25 So what the best you can do is need to follow the medications as the doctor said and the instructions at home correctly. IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 4:36 Okay, yeah.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 4:39 Okay, and then, if the pain is persisting, or you can't move, you can't do any activities. If you're feeling a stiffening of joints, or a neck pain, or you're getting frequent headaches, it is persistent means you need to address immediate medical medical aid my clear. IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 5:03 Yes, yeah. NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 5:04 Yeah. You have any other concerns? No, no as you have clear my own concerns. Okay. Thank you so much for the patient listening, and I'll inform your doctor regarding your pain. Okay. Yeah, you can and hope and wish for speedy recovery. If you have any other concerns, you can press the alarm button. I'll come and receive you. IA INTERLOCUTOR ASHWINI SUMATHI 5:31 Thank you, nurse. Thank you. You're welcome to cancel.NS NURSE SHAKILA DAVID 5:33 You always welcome Mr. Shah. Yeah. Take care of yourself. Yes, bye bye.


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