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QQ.NN.5501. Mrs Pamera Wison - Right Knee Osteoarthritis - Harjinder Kaur


Ms Samantha Chapel

Nurse in charge

Grant Transitional Care Home

42 Green Willa Avenue


23 January 2022

Dear Nurse,

Re: Mrs Pamera Wison , DOB: 9 May 1949

Mrs Wison who has been recuperating from bruising and fluid accumulation in right knee, requires ongoing care and appropriate management following the discharge to your facility today.

She is a retired school teacher and has good pension. She lives alone and like to gardening as her hobby. In 2013, she had diagnosed with orthoarthritis in right knee. She was slightly obese with a body mass index as 31. She had mild genu varum related to palpable crepitus and anatalgic gait. Acetaminophen 325 mg thrice a day and NSAIDs ( naproxen 250 mg ) twice a day were prescribed. Physiotherapy sessions were also recommended. She had admitted for severe effusion right knee in 2016. As a result, she had three intra articular steroids injection up to 3 months as a treatment.

Additionally, 21 January 2023, she had suffered from severe pain in right knee and face difficulties while walking. Right knee viscos supplementation ( hyaluronic acid for lubrication ) was administered. Upto 48 hour post procedure, she had observed pain relief and other complications . 50 mg tramadol for every for 6 hour was injected. After 2 days, progress in health was noticed.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances,squatting and use of stairs should be prohibited. Medicines should be given as prescribed. While raised from toilet seat assistance should be needed. Physiotherapy should be suggested for every 2 weeks to enhance the strength by providing range of motion exercises. Counselling should be done to weight loss. Consult with general practitioner should be done one in a month.

In case , any additional information is deemed external relevant, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Ward Nurse

St James Hospital


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