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QQ-4083. Mr Stephen Kerry - Nursing - Siby Thomas - Badly Injured Right Knee


The Physiotherapist

Hayman Physiotherapy Centre

23 West End


19 July 2011

Dear Physiotherapist,

Re:Mr Stephen Kerry, DOB:16 June 1963

I am Referring Mr Kerry who requires assistance and support to regain his mobility. He has been recuperating from a serious right knee injury following a fall from stairs.

Mr Kerry had a cerebrovascular accident 2 years back.As a consequence, he has impaired balance and walks with limp.On 12 July,he experienced headache in the morning before the fall.His GP requested our agency to do wound care and assist in shower daily.He was commenced with analgesics.

On subsequent days begining from the next day of injury,Mr Kerry has been attended and necessary care provided.His pain has been efficiently managed with paracetamol.He began to walk with walking sticks;however, he complaints of usual pain.Fortunately,remarkable wound healing has been noted.

Mr Kerry is an accountant.Despite of having slurred speech he is alert and mentally active.Therefore, Mrs Kerry requested more assistance in his mobility.

Based on aforementioned circumstances, it would be profoundly appreciable if you could assess Mr Kerry and enhance an appropriate strengthening excersise regime to improve and attain his mobility.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you require any further information regarding Mr Kerry.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Andrews

Senior Nurse

We Care Home Nursing Agency


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