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QQ-3996. Mr Bob Dawson – Nursing - Uppula Srilatha - Cerebrovascular Accident



Ms Marcia Devonport

Senior Physiotherapist

West End Physiotherapist Centre

62 Vulture Street

West End

Brisbane 4101

23 May 2008

Dear Ms Devonport

Re: Mr Bob Dawson, DOB:25.9.1924.

Mr Bob Dawson, who requires a home visit by the Physiotherapist to assess for further assistance and improvement in mobility.

Mr Dawson, medical history revealed cerebrovascular accident (CVA) four years ago. He is mentally stable but, has difficulty in speech, left sided weakness and gait impairment was noted. The patient is a retired employee and lives with his wife.

On 18.5.2008, Mr Dawson allergedly have had a fall while getting down the stairs and got his left knee severely grazed. As the GP has recommended for nursing home care agency to visit the patient, perform daily dressings and to assist in activities of daily living like shower.

The next day, Mr Dawson was doing well except few unusual aches. No evidence of infection was noted which indicates good wound healing. The patient was initiated for walking short distances with the help of his wife.

Today, the knee is healing well and the patient was advised to use walking stick for mobility but, he claimed that it was not serving the purpose moreover, the wife stated that the patient never tired using the aid. However, the partner requested to contact the local physiotherapist to support and assist the patient to regain good mobility.

Please note that if you have any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Ms Sonia Mathews

Registered Nurse

Blue Nursing Home Care Agency


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