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QQ-3918. Mr Phillip Satchell – Nursing – Uppula Srilatha – Multiple Sclerosis



The Community Nurse

Community Health Centre


Dear Nurse

Re: Mr Philip Satchelk,aged 73 years

Mr Philip Satchell,aged 73 years, who is shifting to Maroubra requires further care and management for high end access for multiple sclerosis, type II diabetes and with chronic bilateral leg ulcers.

At present the multiple slcerosis us ubder control but, flares up often. Frequent gram posture staphylococcus aureus infections noted with presence of pus in the ulcers. Poor adherancento diabetic medication and diet is evidenced.

The Nursing Management at this facility included continues examination and observation for relapse of multiple sclerosis, regular checking of blood sugar levels, administration of IV antibiotics 2 times a day and metformin for 3 times a day and reinforced in diabetic education.

Mr Satchell’s transfer recommendations are to start oral antibiotics and to resume the same for diabetic and dressing management. Arrange a referral to Prince of Wales Diabetic clinic for further review of diabetic Medication and to strengthen education. Laison with the doctors at facility to refer the patient to neurologist for multiple sclerosis follow-up.

However, it is essential to connect and introduce with community services to enhance coping and social networking.

Should you need any further assistance , please, do not hesitate to call me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse.


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