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QQ-3902. Mr Peter Dunbar – Nursing – Elizabeth Bhagyanath – Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


The Community Health Nurse

Eastern Community Health Centre

456 East Street


22 January 2019

Dear Nurse,

Re:Mr Peter Dunbar, DOB: 18 March 1932

Thank you for seeing Mr Peter Dunbar,who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and requires regular monitoring of medication and diet.He is moving to Centreville to live with his daughter.

On October 2018, Mr Dunbar had developed the signs of diabetic neuropathy and he was used a stick while on walking.In addition,he has decreased tolerence to exercise and mobility.He has been suffering from type 2 diabetes since 2016 and was advised to modify his life style by reducing the consumption of alcohol and increase the involment participating exercise.

Mr Dunbar lives with his wife,who is the one managing his dietary requirements.Since his wife’s death,he became depressed and non adherent with his diet and medication.Subsequently,he has been prescribed oral metformin 500mg for three times a day.However,he blames his memory and not having the medication properly.Thus,he was encouraged and educated the importance of regular medication and the drawbacks of intermittent dosing along with the strategies of memory aids also been discusses.

Regarding Mr Dunbar’s past medical history,he had myocardial infarction followed by atrial fibrillation were diagnosed.For which he was commenced on sotolol and warfarin.

All the necessary details of medications are enclosed with this letter.In case of queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your's faithfully,

Elizabeth Bhagyanath

Charge Nurse

City Hospital


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