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QQ-3898. Mrs Susan Livingood – Nursing – Usha Thomas – Stroke


Charge nurse

Armana house care home

Rosetta way, Off ouseacres

Borough bridge Road

York YO26

08 Augest 2019

Dear sir/madam

Re:Mrs Susan Livingood

DOB: 26 November 1942

Mrs Susan Livingood, who was diagnosed with stroke requires ongoing care and support followed by her discharge today.

On 04 August 2019 Mrs.livngood admitted to our facility following sudden onset of left side numbness and paralysis along with facial droop and loss of vision on left side. On examination blood pressure of 210/125 mm of Hg noticed.NIH score recorded as 11. Followed by MRI confirmed the diagnosis. He was transferred to general ward routine care after an IV TPA 90mg in emergency department. Mild weakness remains on left extremities up on discharge assessment. During hospitalization he stabilized with Tab.Ramipril 20mg daily,Clopidogrel 75mg daily and Naproxen sodium 500mg twice daily along with calcium and pepcid. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy has been initiated.

She has had Hypertension and osteoarthritis which is controlled by above mentioned drugs. Despite she lives along with her per,she is an active member of Bridge club.

As per aforementioned circumstances continuing of rehabilitation care and family visits are profoundly beneficial. Consultation with neurologist, physiotherapist,and occupational therapist is advised. Use of cane and Walker is recommended to prevent the fall and activities of daily living.

If any additional information is required please feel free to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered nurse.

York Hospital Wigginton Rd,

Clifton York

YO 31 BHE,United kingdom.


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