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QQ-3896. Mr Jake Peterson – Nursing – Usha Thomas – Alopecia


Mrs Monica Kullan

Senior nurse practitioner

University of Marchbank Health Centre

Hillsdunne road, Marchbank

30August 2019

Dear Mrs kullan

Re: Master Jake Peterson,aged 18

Master Jake Peterson,who has been diagnosed with unknown cause of intermittent cycles of alopecia followed by depression requires special attention and support is being transferred to your facility.

Since March 2014 he has been suffering with hairloss in patches associated with anxiety had been referred to trichology which was unsuccessful to find out the reason but,commenced with steroid cream with was discontinued after a month. Followed by he was free from the condition. Recurrance Of the same associated with distress and low mood noticed and showed reluctance to treatment rather agreed for homeopathy. Weight loss of 6 kg over the past 2 years noticed. At present he is concerned about the university transfer.

Family history reveals depression for his mother and baldness for his father. Eventhough he is a nonsmoker he drinks 20units which increased to 28 unit during the past two months. He lives away from his family as parents are abroad.

As per aforementioned circumstances monitoring and supporting for independent living is profoundly beneficial. Organizing special attention during exam is recommended

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me.

Your sincerely,

Registered nurse

Boarding school



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