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QQ-3895. Ms Riya Roy – Nursing – Divya Dsouza – Emergency Accommodation


Director of Refuge Shelter for Women

105 West Street

Toronto ON M4W IB7

27 February 2018

Dear Director,

Re: Ms Riya Roy, DOB: 12 March 1998

Ms ROY, who underwent a normal vaginal delivery required short term emergency accommodation and support services under your facility. Following her discharge today.

Ms Roy was admitted to the hospital on 21 February proper treatement was provided to mother and child. During postnatal period, hemoglobin was 135 g/l but minimal blood loss noticed. Hence baby was increased

3.77 kg to 3.95 kg. Apart from she is hesited for giving breast feed to baby, therefore prefers to change to bottle feeding. Subsequenty, mother and child codition wasstable and feeding well to the baby was observed.

On August 2017, onwards Ms Roy lived wih her boyfried. But currenty she is not living with her boyfriend for the last 3 months because he is verbally abused and he is not father of child. However, child father is lives

in Europe and she is not his contact. Her siter is married and lives overseas. Parents are died through accident and aunt lives 4 hours away. 14 years ago she undergone a tonsillectomy and depressed due to parents

death. Regular antinatal check-up performed and folic acid, vitamin D and calcium supplments commenced.


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