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QQ-3893. Ms Cincy Shaw – Nursing – Divya Dsouza – Left Hip Replacement


Mr Minsub Park

Home Health Nurse

28 September 2018

Dear Mr park,

Re: Ms Cindy Shaw, aged 75

I would like to request a home visit for Ms Shaw, who was underwent left hip replacement. She required home care treatement plan and management following her discharge today.

Ms Shaw was admitted with complaint of fracture due to fall blood report revealed that HbA1c- 7.5 , fasting- 160 mg/dl PP- 250 mg/dl therefore two unit insulin commenced. However cather, interavenous fluid and pain

anaglesic were adminitered. He had decreased mobility therefore compression stocking applied for proper blood flow and tablets precose increased 50 mg was prescribed. The condition was stabilized postoperatively.

In addition incision site slow healing was observed.

Medical history revealed 20 years ago diabetic mellitus conformed, which was treated with precise 25 mg was precribed. He was lives with his daughter and son-in-law. For the job purpose they going to leave overseas

next week. So Mr shaw moving into a self contained flat. He is doing regular activities and exercise.

At present physiotherapy was performed with stregnening exercisesa and occupation therapy for home hazard assessment. In addition daughter brought all types of assisted devices to help her mobilization and need

shown how to cook meals placement of food items was educated.


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