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QQ-3891. Mr George Gale – Nursing – Divya Dsouza – Urinary Tract Infection


Ms Jane Gold

Head Nurse

Primrose Nursing Home

3 Blackwood Street


15 May 2021

Dear Ms Gold,

Re: Mr George Gale, DOB: 24 April 1938

Mr Gale who was diagnosed with urinary tract infection, requires further care and support following the discharge today.

Mr Gale is widower and living alone in own flat. On 10 May was admitted to our hospital with the complaints of sudden collapse while brushing teeth headstrike and approximately after 5 hours neighbours heard then

brought to the hospital as reported. Before forenight he had a episode of vomitting, palpitation, and dysuria observed. On exmination, cofusion, disorientation,febrile, blood pressure slightly elevated,

urinalysis> 100,000 and 2 wbc/ hpf investigation were performed.

On 2003 and 2009 he had osteoarthritis and hypertension which has treated with paracetamol and felodipine used respectively.

currenty his condition was improved with regular medication. Encouraged him in lower mobility and physical activity. However proper assessment is required for confusion and indepent living were recommended.


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