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QQ-3885. Akira Annaisha – Nursing – Venus Jebaselvi – Acute meningoencephalitis


The Director

Community Child Health Service

1 Southgate Ave


Victoria 3006

25 July 2019

Re: Akira Annaisha, aged 5

Dear Director,

I am referring Akira Annaisha, who has been recuperating from acute meningoencephalitis, is being discharged today. Her parents require education regarding the vaccinations from your service.

On 15th July 2019, she was admitted and was diagnosed with mumps and acute meningoencephalitis. Therefore, conservative management was initiated and the recovery process was excellent.

Akira Annaisha has been living in Australia with her parents since April 2019. It is noted that the migration process has been delayed due to that they were not having a family Doctor at present. On observation, the parents are unable to communicate fluently in the English Language, as their native language is Japanese. In addition, her father Mr Hikaru has been learning English through classes.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, Akira Annaisha along with two-year-old sister had their vaccines at birth but the record is lost, the parents are unaware of the MMR vaccine for the mumps. Ensuring and educating about recommended vaccination for both the children would be profoundly beneficial. Monitoring for neurological signs for the next three months is suggested.

In case any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse

The Children’s Emergency Department


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