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QQ-3882. Mrs Joan Cummings – Nursing – Reenu Jose – Anxiety Syndrome


09 August, 2018

Ms Lyn Partige

Director of Nursing

Partridge Nursing Home

27 Little Street


South Australia


Dear Ms Partige,

Re: Mrs Joan Cummings, aged 81

I am writing to refer Mrs Joan Cummings, who requires further care and support from your service.

She has been diagnosed with anxiety syndrome followed by fall. She will be discharge tomorrow.

On 29 July 2011, Mrs Cummings presented yo the ansfield private hospital with complaints of

multiple bruishes followed by fall. On examination, she was diagnosed with post fall anxiety

syndrome and postural hypertension. During hospitalization, she was commenced for computerized

tomography for brain and fall risk assessment was done. In addition, she has been educated

regarding exercise program and importance of mobilization with activities of daily living. At present,

mrs Cummings looks better and she was able to walk with the help of wheele- walker.

Mrs Cummings lives with her daughter and her hobby is to spend more time for gardening. Her

medical history revealed that she had history of fracture in left neck and she has had vertigo and

dementia. Worthy to note, her family has some difficulty to take care of her.

Based on abovementioned circumstances it would be appreciated if you could take over mrs

Cummings. Kindly encourage her for physiotherapy inorder to strengthen her mobility and improve

activities of daily living. Your care is inevitable if you could link with physician and optometrist for

follows up care. Please note, her medication details hasbeen enclosed with this letter.

If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


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