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QQ-3853. Dylan Charles – Nursing – Evelin Susan - Mild Constipation


The Lactation consultant

Breast Feeding Support Centre

68 Main Street


08 December 2011

Dear Nurse,

Re:Dylan Charles,DOB:04 December 2011

Dylan Charles,who was diagnosed with mild constipation and dehydration.I am referred to your specialty for further assessment.

Dylan Charles having constipation every 3 days and hard stool.Mother is asking for stool softener or prune juice for baby.During summer in december became heatwave an unsettled.Mrs Silvia got sick had a fever for few days.Mother in law (Mary Charles)advised to extra powder in formula feeds to improve weight gain.Mrs Silvia worried about not enough breast feeding.Dylan Charles difficult to bottle feed.Mrs Silvia wishes to breast feed properly as she believes it would be the best feed properly as she believes it would be the best wishes for her son.

Educate Mrs Silvia for best feeding method.Educate the formula preparation and if continuing formula feeds advise to supplement with water (boiled and cooled ).advice on keeping baby cool in hot weather

In case if you have any queries,please do not to hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Maternal Child Health Nurse

Romaville Community Child Health Service


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