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QQ-3849. Mr Stephen Kerry – Nursing – Mamalibo Magred - Right Knee Injury


23 West End



Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Stephen Kerry,

DOB: 16/06/1963

I am writing to request home visits for Stephen Kerry following his recent knee injury. He requires your further assistacne to regain his mobility.

Kerry felt severe headache and fell down the stairs in the morning of 12/07/2011, thereby sustained a bad injury on the right knee. He has a medical history of faced cerobrovascular accident, therefore, has slight slurred speech though mentally active and alert but walks with limp due to impaired balance.

Kerry’s general practitioner requested our agency to support him with dressings, helping him in taking shower and adviced painkillers for pain management if necessary. On first visit at nursing agency, was bed bound and reluctant to shower due to complain of knee pain and as a result,paracetamol 400mg dispensed. Two days after, wound redressed and no infection observed and was mobilising short distance with the assitances of his wife.

Today, he began to walk using walking sticks for support, therefore discussion was made with his wife, Jennifer regarding the need for physiotherapy’s assessment and to determine how regularly patient will need visiting and what types of exercise will be best.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if there’s any queries regarding Stephen Kerry.

Yours sincerely,

Senior Nurse.


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