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QQ-3839. Ms Cindy Shaw – Nursing – Sreemol Vijayan - Left Hip Replacement


28 September, 2018

Mr.Minsub Park

Home Health Nurse

Dear Mr Park

Re:Ms Cindy Shaw, aged 75

I am writing to request a home visit for Ms Shaw, who is recuperating from left hip replacement, requires on going management from your service. She is ready for discharge.

Ms Shaw was she was admitted to the hospital on 23 September 2018 following after a fall.She has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus since 20 years, which is controlled with precise 25 mg. Post operatively, her sugar levels were elevated due to stress,for which she has been commenced with two unit of insulin. In addition to that precise 25 mg increased 50 mg for her. Her pain has been managed well with Vicodin 7.5 MG twice daily.

Ms Shaw leaves with her daughter and family. Her daughter is leaving Overseas next week, hence the patient will be alone. She is independent for all routine activities. She is able to walk with walker.

It would be greatly appreciated, if you could provide continuity of care for Ms Show. Please encourage her to do range of motion and strengthening exercise. She requires a complete home hazard assessment. Non slip mat for bathroom was recommended for her. She can start mild exercises after 12 weeks. Yearly X-rays has been recommended for the patient.

Ms Shaw requires daily dressing and blood sugar monitoring twice daily. Her staples will be removed on 09 October, 2018.Donot hesitate to contact me if you have queries.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse


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