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QQ-3834. Mr Walter Pitman – Nursing – Divya D'Souza - Hypertension


Dr Laricrell

Family General Practitioner

Senior Surgery



14 July 2018

Dear Dr Laricrell

Re: Mr Walter Pitman, aged 69

Mr Pitman who has been diagnosed with hypertension is requires proper cardiac assessment and management under your facility,being discharged today.

On four July 2018, Mr Pitman got admitted to our clinic with the complaints sever pain and mild hematoma. There for dressing was done and wound healing was process. After few days though the assessment there will elevation as the blood pressure but wound healed well without any infection. So requires reference from family physician. During admission BP was 186/ 89 mm of Hg sitting and supine 190/ 80 MM of Hg. On discharge BP- 190/84 mm of Hg while sitting and supine 196/86 mm of Hg.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances provide proper cardiac assessment and management under your facility. It would be profoundly beneficial.

In case any additional information required, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse

Nurse-Led Outpatient Clinic

Newtown Hospital.


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