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QQ-3827. Mr Akira Annaisha - Nursing – Sangeeta Leema – Acute Meningoencephalitis


The Director

Community Child Health Service

1 Southgate Ave


Victoria 3006

25 July 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Akira Annaisha, DOB: 23 September 2014,

Akira is a-5-year old child who has been recorvering from acute meningoencephalitis. Her parents requires advise and follow-up regarding the immunization from your service.

On 15 July, Akira was admitted for the treatment of acute meningoencephalitis following mumps. Currently she is stable and is being discharged today.

Akira’s parents are an immigrant from Japan. The family consits of parents and 2 year old sister. They moved to Australia in April 2019. Her father Mr Hoshi Hikaree is temporarily employed as a factory shift worker. They does not have a physician as their migration process has not been completed . In addition, they have difficulties with the language for which Mr Hikaree attends english classes at night.

Although both children received vaccination at birth immunization card has been missing and parents are not sure about the MMR vaccine.

Therefore, requesting to counsel the family regarding the schedule and importance of vaccination. Neurological check-ups have been scheduled for Akira every month for the next three months.

In case any additional information is required, kindly do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse.


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