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QQ-3824. Mr Lionel Ramamurthy - Nursing – Sanjana Nalupurappatil – Pneumonia


Ms Georgine Ponsford

Resident Community Nurse

Community Retirement Home

103 Light Street Newtown

11 Februart 2019

Dear Ponsford,

Re: Mr Lionel Ramamurthy, aged 63

Mr Ramamurthy, who has been treated for pneumonia requires continuing of care following his discharged tomorrow.

On 04 February 2019, he was admitted to the hospital with complaints of acute shortness of breath wheezing and persistant cough along with chest and abdominal pain. Upon admission, mobility was maintained by a walking frame and assistance for activities of daily living was noted.

During hospitalization, proper nutrition, fluid intake and chest physiotherapy including coughing and breathing exercises were recommended. Also,a sitting position is suggested rather than lying down un order to maintain postural drainage, and weight gain was reviewed by a dietician.

Currently, inflamatory markers are stablised and the condition has improved. However, chest and abdominal pain with persistant cough are remained.

Regarding the aforementioned circumstances monitoring of diet and encouraging fluid intake and good nutrition including eggs, fluids and vegitables are beneficial. Paracetamol can be administered. Incase of chest and abdominal pain persist, and Mr Ramamurthy need to be kept warm.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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