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QQ-3822. Ms Sally Brown - Nursing – Sangeeta Leema – Scratched Right Arm


Miss Sally Brown

10 Wood Street


8 February 2010

Dear Miss Sally,

The purpose of writing this letter is regarding your current visit to stillwater NHS walk-in incentre today. This letter will provide you a detailed information of the treatment which you received and will help to seek further treatment for upon injury.

You presented to us with a scratch on your right arm, which was caused while you were playing with a family cat a week ago. Initially you did not pay much attention but now the scratch is red and filled with pus, which has caused anxiety and warry. In addition your pain has increased and now it radiated to armpit.

On admission your temperatur was 39 degree C and blood pressure 155/100 mmHg which was not normal for your age; however pulse was normal. You were also having headache, night chills and abdominal cramps. On palpation, swollwn lymph nodes were present at armpit, therefore it was diagnosed as Car Scratch Disease.

Subsequently, wound wad cleaned with antiseptic solution and heat pas was applied on the area to relieve pain. Antibiotic ciproflaxacin 500mg thrice daily prescribed which you will take it with the meal for 10 days. Ensure to keep the wound clean and dry. Use antibacterial soap to prevent further infection.

If you develop any new symptoms as feel unwell please return to walk-in-clinic or contact your physician.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse

Still water NHS Walk-in-Centre.


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