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QQ-3820. Ms Margaret Helen Martin - Nursing – Sangeeta Leema – Coronary Artery Disease



The District Nursing Service

The Greenville Communtiy Health Care Centre

88 Hington Road


15 July 2017

Dear Nurse,

Re: Ms Margaret Helen Martin, DOB: 25 July 1935

I would like to request a home visit for Ms Martin who has been diagnosed with Coronary artery disease and successfully underwent angioplasty, requires further support and monitoring following the discharge tomorrow.

During hospitalizations mild bruise were noted at the catheter site which needs monitoring for bleeding and infection. Consequently, she was reviewed by the dietician and adjust to follow diet high in protein, low caloric, low-cholesterol and gluten-free. Additionally, daily light exercises with 15 minutes walk was implemented under the guidance of physiotherapist.

Socially, Ms Martin is unmarried and lives alone in own house. She suffers from Coeliac disease and has a family history of heart disease. She has had hypertension and hypercholesterolemia which maintained well with regular medication, Mr Martin has hearing loss and using hearing aid. She does not cool and currently depend kn meals on wheel service; therefore she is overweight (BMI-29.5).

Although she has number of relatives nearby they often visit her. This has caused anxiety and wany for Ms Martin to return home.

Pertaining to the above requesting you to arrange regular visits to Ms Martin to monitor her complaince to diet, meducation and exercise regime. Arrange regular family visits to prevent isolation. In addition Ms Martin will also will be monitored by the dietician and physiotherapy.

Please feel free to contact for further queries.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse,

Cardiac Unit

Greenville Public Hospital.


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