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QQ-3819. Mr Nick Daniel - Nursing – Sangeeta Leema – Hip Replacement Surgery


Mr Joel Ortner

The Physiotherapist

The CityMed Physiotherapy

8 Albert Street

Dubbo NSW

26 July 2019

Dear Mr Ortner,

Re: Mr Nick Daniel, aged 68

I am referring Mr Daniel who has been discharged after hip replacement surgery and requires support and assistance to recover and regain mobility.

Twi months ago, Mr Daniel presented to us with severe pain in right hip and knee resulted in decreased internal rotation and flexion of right hip. The x-ray which was ordered revealed degenerative changes consistent with osteoarthritis in right hip where as x-ray of right knee was normal; therefore he was commenced in indomethacin 50mg thrice daily.

Following a month, Mr Daniel returned to the clinic with severe pain due to worsening of osteoarthritis in right hip. He was advised to restart indomethacite, which he had stopped without consultation of the physician.

Despite of medications Mr Daniel’s pain increased. Consequently, decreased muscular mass and range of movement in right hip was observed; therefore he underwent surgery on 19 July 2019.

Mr Daniel is a retired farmer who is married and lives, with his wife and son. He has had type 2 diabetes and allergic to pencillin as well as intolerant to lactose.

Mr Daniel has been progressing well after the procedure. Eventhough physiotherapy was commenced post opertively; however discomfort was noticed in his right hip area.

In view of the above, requesting to teach Mr Daniel different weight bearing exercises. As he is prone for dislocation, advise him how to use the walker and crutches. After recovery please suggest proper way of using the stais followig safety precaution.

Please do not hesitate to contact for further queries.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse

Orthopedic Ward

Rowland Hospital.


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